Monday, March 31, 2003

In that Iraq person's weblog, the banner says.....

>>>> ----------
"the West won the
world not by the
superiority of its ideas
or values or religion but
rather by its superiority
in applying organized
violence. Westerners
often forget this fact,
non-Westerners never
Samuel P. Huntington

I chose to go look at stuff that Huntington writes. unfortunately the article is very very is the url

In this PBS article, Hunting ton quotes a Saudi offical.....

" As a top Saudi official explained in 1994, "'Foreign imports' are nice as shiny or high-tech 'things.' But intangible social and political institutions imported from elsewhere can be deadly--ask the Shah of Iran.... Islam for us is not just a religion but a way of life. We Saudis want to modernize, but not necessarily Westernize."


"In similar terms, another distinguished scholar of Islam, Ali E. Hillal Dessoulji, sees the Resurgence as involving efforts to re institute Islamic law in place of Western law, the increased use of religious language and symbolism, expansion of Islamic education (manifested in the multiplication of Islamic schools and Islamization of the curricula in regular state schools), increased adherence to Islamic codes of social behavior (e.g., female covering, abstinence from alcohol), and increased participation in religious observances, domination of the opposition to secular governments in Muslim societies by Islamic groups, and expanding efforts to develop international solidarity, among Islamic states and societies. La revanche de Dieu is a global phenomenon, but God, or rather Allah, has made His revenge most pervasive and fulfilling in the ummah, the community of Islam.""

I have yet another analogy. a coffee cup full of coffee. would
you even consider drinking that coffee without the cup?!
good grief: NO! hold the coffee in your hands? gotta have something to contain the liquid!

I begin to wonder how MANKIND needs this "cup" of law...order...
rules....around him?! will history 4000 years from now see our western individuality as "failing" ...and the real Need of mankind would be to have a totaltarian system: either in governement or social/religious ways of life?!

"Dionesis" OR "the bringer of fire"

"mystical union in the One" OR ... "individualism"!!
not both!!
"mystical union", expressed in moral, worldy, terms, might indeed be of a "social law rules", way of life, a way of life where each person Has His Place, and even the lady at the bottom, is Secure and Knowing, of the value of that Place! In a tree, the smallest leaf, the tiny-est root, is important: the Tree is vastly vastly more important than any one component of it, as if the Tree dies, then *ALL* the components do too!! each leaf and root has its life in being part of the Tree.

[hmmmm....isnt that phrase..."the Tree is more important than the component"...a working definition of Fascism, or Nazism, where the State is more important than the individual?!!]

maybe my "insecurity", as a letter writer, says that i have, might actually be helped be NOT insecure, by my EMBRACING
a system of moral certaintude.
Muslim law!!
why i have sun in cancer...moon in leo[ makes a "cancer new moon, mutual reception!!], all my other inner planets IN cancer, mars in pices....good grief, "insecurity *IS* my middle name!!
and i see death coming.....I have Dreamed of the Infinity of Heaven, where worlds are vast vast, and Imagination Rules!
I face the Darkness in the Northeast, NAKED! I have seen
places in HELLWORLDS, and i know that hell IS....I also know that all the heavens of all the other planets in the Galaxy, are accessible; thus this is how the "ufo aliens" get here, and I have been taken to see some of THEIR worlds too!!
Yes i am very very insecure. all of the time! my councscious is naked, i esp-ly pick up, from all the people around me, by Empathic Clairsentenance, many of their feelings and often they are not nice!!
but i will not join a cult, join the Religion of what is called "Xian"....which to me is, "christianity without the Christ"!!

perhaps i would indeed benefit by joining up and converting to a system like the Way of Allah!!!
but i will choose my insecurity, thank you!! a price i pay for my freedom of moral choices and of course what i feel is true, will not be liked by all!

Perhaps i should actually STOP writing about this political stuff! does nothing, only causes anger....I should spend my time reading other journals instead, or in writing "non-political" comments.
as it is...I have only so much time to write and i have several Journal sites: perhaps i will cut back my postings, and concentate upon the weblogs in blogger, not Xanga or Livejournal.