Saturday, March 29, 2003

*THE* man from Iraq who writes about how it is living there, a gay engineer, middleclass, born outside of country.....I read! [could be wrong!]
this is the "famous blogspot site that is in the news....

>>>> ----------
"the West won the
world not by the
superiority of its ideas
or values or religion but
rather by its superiority
in applying organized
violence. Westerners
often forget this fact,
non-Westerners never

Samuel P. Huntington
......this saying is at an important place on his left.
I do NOT agree with this statement at all, yes the west was and is very violent: *would* this guy go live in Cambodia under the Rouge where half the people were killed??
try ww II japan! remember that the very word "treachery" and 'backstabing"....seems to have an ARAB flavor!!
He could always send his lover to afgan!! let the Taliban get at him, what is left of it!

sorta sours me for his site!!! a wonderfully written site but that saying portends.....awfull awfull futures, for the West: Holy war!! war, in the future, between arab...jew...and the west: the Owner's Manual, King James version, sees it coming!!
not room for both of us, on the same planet, i guess!!