Thursday, March 27, 2003


I remember when i lived, in the Ithaca new york, the home of the very very leftest liberal
cornell university.
I noted the posters. all the leftest posters used the same words!! same with the new agers too....the vegie and spiritual posters seemed to use the same words.
"peace and justice" were on all and every one of the leftest posters.

schools of fish, all the fish a-swimming in parelell
to each other, all one
the Herd.......

no, i would eat a "stir-fry vegan" helping of True Vegan-ness, on my plate, right next to my cheese-covered hamburger! have BOTH of the worlds!
funny...the meat eaters would not raise an eyebrow over that stir fry but you can just BET that the vegie people
would go Zonkers!
"i am a vegetartian". "I am a leftest liberal".
"I am a conservative".


if i am a vegitarian, then i *have* to bond to *all* of the "Movement", the movement IS me, so that i have to "fit the container"!

Gardejeff.....the fouth way...the Set[ian] way...speak of dis-entangling from such identifiacations.

just change..."i am hungry" to "i feel hungry"!!
be larger then the containers!

I see that rehtoic on the several "earthchanges' type of newsgroups...."one bird sings and all the others copy the Tune"....Time to
from these lists as i have so so so so so much other things to do!

yes, so much to do, that i have not a moment of time to read over and over the Mantra..."Bush is the Evil one"!
I only have "just* so much time before i come to that Tombstone

...and no one is paying attention to "page 5' in the papers, i feel the REAL trouble is but a few months away, a few COUGHS away!!
catchable as the common cold and as uncureable. yes, "5% die, *with* Intensive care, hooked to a respirator", the paper says.
did you catch that?? "hooked to a respiator"!
what's gonna happen when 1000 people a DAY mob the emergancy room of the city hospital?! and four resperators!
yes, a 20% death rate and takes up to a year to recover IF you recover in full health! a whole year where all the schools close for that year and no one works and by the end of that year only meat and potatoes are for sale in the food stores and you eat it with thanks, whether your a Vegan or not!! and 60% of the work force never works again!! but no one Notices this here "page 5"!!

so i bid goodbye to the various "earthchange" type of mailing lists as Spirit gives to me only so much time to live.

in the End, it may come down to this, folks.....two questions, only, are *real*! the tombstone a dead end or a door?
2...what is your thoughts, about the entity called JESUS?!
who was he?!!

so when i am gone from the lists.....I will devote my computer time to my weblogs...
come read what i write at

my weblog...."my life after near death experiences"

see ya in heaven: *then* you and i will have many many *many* talks!