Saturday, February 01, 2003

the seven killed astronauts, over Texas!

I guess we all will have a Respite from the constant news of impending WAR! time for a good wake! every magizine, from now on, for the next three months, will have a Commemoritive Issue! every newspaper too!
wanna watch Discovery channel or The Game or MTV? NO! you will watch a three hour interview withThe Mothers, talking about how He so loved a certain kind of hamburger and then it will be for sale in ALL the hamburger places!
we need this: a collective wake of three months! too too much war war war news, each and every day, now, for months!

I got a funny feeling, sports fans, that the whole year will be of this: a wake for this or that!!
for people.
for institutions that pass on....
for other things.

the feelingtone?
...on a nice warm afternoon, a long talk in the cafe about "it", it's passing, the Recollections of it's past, the re-unional feeling of a family reunion after a funeral of a beloved close relative!
the whole year, for all of us, about "this or that", as if everyone just "knows' , on this year,that an age is passing, the sun is setting, on us, our life, our very civilization, perhaps!