Saturday, February 01, 2003

now I can imagine what i should be praying for, in the next few months, in regard to..."what should i do to get ready to die"?!!

"few months" now, today, on the new moon, feb 1st, there might be three to five months left! waht can i do to get ready, if i am Told that there is nothing more here on earth to do? well....
"a few months".... of *course* grace can be given, to extend longer, but somehow, i have the Feeling that this date is Set! set way back before i was born, set into my life-records, either by me or by my masterGuides!

So now i know what to pray for!
---to ask of Spirit to "enlist" into each and every heavenly, of healings and counselings and consolings, for newly arrived souls from earth. Surely i have joined up with many of these, in other lives: there are undoubtedly "new" ones, set up in spirit after i was born, these i need to join and better to do it while i am still alive so that there will be the earthly vibrational connection, so to connect with other newly arrived souls.

i so then Ask to join up with any and all "groups" in heaven, in the spiritworlds. probably some of these groups *you* might not like or appove of, and would not even want to set foot into their temple, ever...ever: no mind, I will have to Enlist.
....Klu Klux Klan....Goth....hip-hop....Jehovah's witnesses...scientology...National polish polka association...Greenpeace....Army rangers/Spec ops!...Vegans...
[does not matter in the *least* if these are "opposesed" and contidictory to each other!!]
the national association of beef cattle raisers vs the vegans!
each of these earthly groups have their spirit counterparts, "above' in the afterlife realms. i gotta sign up today, if i am not already!

the Trick be able to assimulate the Truths that *each* has, and synthesize! [yes, sports fans.....even *that* group too, the One that You Do Not Like!!....i will have to learn to love it!]