Tuesday, February 18, 2003

Interesting times we live in! google owns blogger and 19 inches -plus of snow now sits on Central park!
is the war on or off?!!

I often am amazed at how so few people find all of this interesting!
the daily life fills all!
*that" may be part of the problem with a lot of our collective problems!!
life now demands that each of us "see the whole wall": many of us stand right next to it so that all they see is a circle about six inches across! thus they judge the whole wall by what they see in that six-inch circle!!
They see that six inches and then they just know *that* is what is real and they try to convince everyone else that this six inches is
what is real!

problem is...that it takes a goodly developed soul, an older soul, to see that whole wall! our culture is outstripping the collective age of all our souls! like of a job description that ever ever increases the educational level needed! a job now demanding at least two years of grad school, where many of the workers have only a 6th grade education!!