Monday, February 03, 2003

I spent SO much of my morning doing "maintainance" on my weblogs, that i have little time to write!
...that reminds me!

In my years of reading books that were of channeled and Spirit-given material, one sentence stands out, for me.

"the earthplane is where one Asseys how to live"!

...the guide went on to say that the earthplane is where one gathers material and experience, so to bring it to the spirit world, after death:
*then* the real life begins!! there, you DO something with all that prep and material that you gathered, while living on earth! Obviously, while the earthlife is SO minute, compared to "eternity/Infinity", this little life of prep, here, will color *ALL* of the thousands and thousands of "years" in the heavens, in many many heavens!

be like a student going to the art supply room, to gather crayons and paper. then she goes back to class and spends the rest of the hour-period of class just setting up the stand, for the drawing. nothing was ever drawn, understand! the actual drawing will be done in tomorrow's, and the rest of the next wo weeks, hour time periods. thus, this first class is in *just* getting ready to draw!

yes, everything i do, 80% of it is "preparation"!
life itself is *PREP*!!

the Puritans are right: life is prep for heaven!!