Friday, February 14, 2003

I am still in the midst of my computer upgrade.....takes all my time.

ya know, i was a year ago in one of those computer software stores and as i was talking to the clerk, a lady stormed into the shop and she ranted and ranted about
"how this here XXXXX computer shop sold me a used computer and there is no music"!

some more.

she stormed out. the manager looked at me with a Knowing Look, and told me, more or less....
"I guess she thought she was buying a TOASTER: just plug
it in and turn it on...."

I said...."well, i guess the good thing is...that this computer will teach her how to think: develop her mind, it will, as she has to learn all about the zillion little things about every little Configuration and settings"!

grow them brain cells and neurons now: buy a computer!