Friday, February 21, 2003

the AMAZING news blip!!

I was in the bank yesterday and as i was waiting for my place in line, i watched the overhead tv giving out the news. Across the bottom of the screen ran the usual "running line" of Breaking News.
There was one such line that really caught my eye! *really* caught my attention!
"from the Washington post.
.....the great support, all over the world, in the marches and demonstations, for no war with Iraq, has greatly made Saddam ever the more defiant in his stance"....something like that.

I looked it up
in the washington post....
>>>Known by company we keep

David Limbaugh

Intended or not, the anti-war protesters in the United States and around the world brought great comfort to Saddam Hussein. The CNN headline reporting the latest protests literally said, "World anti-war rallies delight Iraq."
As the protests were talking place and the protesters were happily doing Saddam's bidding, Saddam's rigidly controlled television stations showed footage with the logo "International day of confronting the aggression." Saddam's media puppets weren't referring to the aggression of the "peaceful" protesters in New York, who injured eight policemen and a police horse, but the United States, Great Britain and any other nations that will participate in military action against Iraq.
The insightful proverb "we shall be known by the company we keep" applies as fittingly to useful idiots as anyone else, no matter how indignantly they "protest."

....this here idea is the strangest, strangest, thing that i have read all year!!!!!
got that?

...that Saddam is ever the more getting bolder and more defiant as he sees that the opinions of many are for not having the united states attack Iraq.
If Bush eventually goes ahead and attacks Iraq, as Saddam, now, is more defiant: what "tips the scales" in his descions may actually be the
anti-war demonstators!
thus the more people demonstrate, the more possible that war could occur, as Saddam becomes ever the more bolder, knowing that the world opinion is against America!!

....seems to be, to me, a 'spiritual law"....if you try to avoid something, you end up embracing it!
thus the war could be caused *BY* the people who want peace so so much!!! actually CAUSED! *that8 was my amazing
discovery, sports fans, that the war could be caused by the very peaceniks that want to avoid it!

perhaps the liberals think that, as they are intelligent and as that ben labin and saddam are also "intelligent", there must be a "common ground" of a possibility of a rational discouse between one and all.


saddam and Ben ladin are rational all right, but they have a whole different "rational outlook" then the liberals!
like: a word or seven..."TALIBAN WAY OF LIFE FOR US ALL"!!

Europe sent its youngest and brightest off to the middle east, to save all of europe from becoming Muslin: called the "1100 AD Crusades"!
no dialogue was possible: two wholly different ways of life, the only way europe confronted this problem of advancing Muslinism was to pick up that sword and use it!!

might be that again soon!!