Saturday, February 08, 2003

all my time of late seems to be Devoted to getting my new computer to work!! The woork only begins when ya get it!!

The lookingup, on the where i have not been posting much in my journals! why do i spend SO much time and effort and $$$ on a computer upgrade? why did i buy a 40 gig hard drive, to replace my old 4 gig drive: TEN times the size!
In light of what spirit tells me that my death departure time may only be two to four months away: why indeed spent so much effort?!

the clue might be in that hard drive "ten times the size of my old one"!
Sam, my childhood friend, came to see me from heaven, once, about four years ago, to tell me that time in heaven runs about ten times as fast as here on earth: one year here, is ten years there...if i come to live near sam, four years after he died, then he would have lived in heaven 40 years!
"Bollengien tower" [sp]!! that was the physical tower building that carl jung built before he died, it was a model for his soul getting ready to die and come to heaven. had to be done
PHYSICALLY, by a correspondence of analogy.

my computer, probably too....!!