Thursday, January 02, 2003

well tis new years, the day after.

i wish to all a good new year.

on the day BEFORE new years, the last day of the year, i left my coffee shop and walked out onto the 7 am street, to see a

interesting, these Important signs and omens! the event in and of itself is only a ohysical event and for most people they are *just* that! not for me though!!

there was something about this rainbow, something that only i know about was a messege of a sort a messege that
would only mean something to me....

i am 61 years old and i will not get to live here on earth beyond this age-year: *that* is the messege between the lines....but I have been shown this often before in other ways.
june 28....i turn 62!!
since i dreamvisioned meeting the Guru where i was told..."In one year you will begin your spirit life", on may 13th of 2002, there is NOT much time left!!

so what shall i do with this time?

As i have said the other day, in my journals....i am image orientated and words do not really mean anything unless i can see the image that they refer to. thus i can only IMAGINE heaven as to having scenes that i have seen before, here i earth: it BEHOOVES me, then, to fill my brain with fantasy images from books and computer games, images not of this earth so to prepare me.

that is my reasoning.

so stay tuned, sports fans, as i face my next six months....there oughta be some *interesting* stuff here, in my journals....