Thursday, January 16, 2003

today at the cafe at the church!

as i went into the front office area, there was a man standing by the door of the church office who looked familiar.
I used to know him from the 1970s hippie days and i saw later that he was sort of "schizophrenic".
"homeless" perhaps, in the 80s.
he shook my hand and he says that he just now got out of the Veterans hospital after an operation and an four month's stay there.

he looked like death warmed over!!
depressed and utterly caved in, as a way of life.
a tomato on a vine that had no trellis so that the tomato rotted on the damp ground.

he needed a dollar for "bus fare". i guessed he was going to the vet clinic, but the lady i told the tale to later, i could sense that she thought that my $$$ was going to go into a bottle of booze!

as he left, i have had "terrible' mis-givings about what i sense is his future!
I sense TWO possible things he can do, for the rest of his life.

one....everyone care for him in every single way for life. he be "everyone's problem" and such as he can do little for himself, it is up to others to "walk him through a life"!


he should join a CULT!
a live-in cult, or maybe a Church, like of the Johoveh Witnesses. a place where rigid rules are laid down....firm but fair!
join the most far right of the rigid cults, perhaps.....
in other words, give up his life to all others in a different way, a way such that the rules are laid down so that his "drop of oil, dripped onto the Lake Ontario or the black sea, will not expand expand expand so that there is one molecule per square tenyards!
everyone form a cup around him so that he internalizes absolute 'black/white" laws!!

or else......

rot sets in....he is near there now!