Thursday, January 09, 2003

that new york times article about "milk" got me to thinking.....

yes, there was that mystery about ice cream and me. i noted it years
ago, as i traveled a lot between upstate new york, the finger lakes region, my "hometown....and Tallahassee, florida, the deepest of the deep south. for years and years, i would travel between my cottage on Cayuga lake and tallahassee.
Interlaken, the town, is in the Dairy country and a freezer of 50 quarts of ice cream will be empty, in the grocery store, in three days!
I can eat ice cream till it comes out fo my ears.

all ice cream does, there, is give to me tummy aches and runs and
increases the stockvalue of toilet paper companies!
*everytime* i ate it.
but if i drove to my aunt's and right then ate a huge dish of ice cream, it would digest perfectly!


the CLUE came with a southern friend who had about five mama cats and they all Produced kittens all at once so that he had about 30 to 40 kittens. one day he fed the young kittens milk. milk that was the standard southern "low fat 10%" milk.
all the kittens to the last one had the runs and were sick and about half of them died!! the vet was appalled: "never never feed cats, especially kittens, low fat milk!!!!" they need a milk much higher in butterfat than what is in store-milk! otherewise it is not digestible.

southern milk, due to cow breed, perhaps, or the type of grass, or the way it is made at the bottling plant....has it where the ice cream made from it is lower in fat than Northern milk!

NOW i can eat all the ice cream that i want: i do NOT have "lactose intolerent syndrome". i just buy the RICH CREAMY high quality
ice cream! high in fat fat fat !
[yes that word that is more of a cuss word than "F..K"!]


[interesting how the closest animal in DNA-ness, other than the Feline, cat, us human beings.]

moral of the, is this, sports fans.
that one can find the tiny little details and find a clue in them and then find answers to one's questions! gotta Observe and then make connections to this and that....
Especially in diet and if that diet goes agaisnt the Wisdomgrain of established bias...too too bad! gotta find the foods that Work for oneself.

[i read somewhere that the fat intake of Finnish people is about 60% of all their calories. maybe Atkins is on to Something!!]