Friday, January 03, 2003


i was surfing the web this morning and i came across something which reminded me of a "cult' New Japan Religion. the group is called
"mahikari". it is one of the Shinto-based groups formed within the last 20 years, in japan, spreading to all countries....some liken it to a cult with all the "rosh-nesh Antelope"
infered overtones!
i went to check to see if they were Still There!
they were.
they are. they have their own homepage too....
looks like an interesting group, to me!

*this* reminded me of a dream!! a dream i had when i lived in Gainesville next to a park and every tuesday the Society for Creative Anacronisms would practice there. i got to know a couple of them, the members, a bit.
THEN, one night, i had a dream about the SCA!
it was a simple dream. i stood on a hilltop and looked far far off into the distance and i could see way way up in the sky, another hilltop, a hilltop that had its bottom of the cliff obscured by clouds: meaning...this other hilltop is in the Spirit world. Then there was a man standing next to me and he began to tell me about the Land that is on the hill pleateu. He said that this place is where the people who belonged to the SCA on earth went to live after they died. THEN...he told me something amazing! he said that the SCA was really a kind of FRONT, a kind of "recuiting office" here on earth. when people joined, they now belonged to a *very* large social organization, most of which resided in the Spirit world! up there, there was NONE of the stuff of "SCA", he swords and medievil acts. what the earthly stuff was, about the SCA, was to get a great social sense into the menbers as they interacted with each other so DEEPLY, in their trainings.....thus the "upper" SCA is where everyone has deep deep intense interactions with everyone else, near like of one organism!
...interesting. I had the feeling, upon awakening, that this spirit society "incarnated" often, to recruit new members and when it did, there would be little resemblence between the "lives"! as IF the past life was a Catholic order, and before that, a roman legion army corp!

I then had a kind of "imaginative " vision: that of a street lined with offices, storefronts, that are recruiting offices for *each* and every cult and Order out there. one story buildings. but aha! the buildings are from two to seven stories in height, the upper floors are Invisible to our earthly eyes, so that all anyone can see is just one floor! and when ya enter, you can walk out anytime you want to....but you can never never, ever, LEAVE!!

And i mean every cult and sect...the Scientologists...the Mahikari...the 1st baptist church....and even the Greenpeace "movement"! all of them have a spirit counterpart that is the *real*
do i criticize?
I can see that for each sect/cult/order that is touched, here on earth, is a Bond forged forever.....and that ticket is good for entering their Temple and Lands, in heaven.

take the "rosh nesh" order. maybe many of them were in that group from other lives; they Incarnate here and get a few new members.
then the "circus leaves town".....when the ex-members die, they Come Home. back to the great Lands and realms that is of this Order.
Sathya sai baba talks about his afterdeath world that all his devotees will go after they die!

more than interesting!....

naturally this will hold for secular groups too. the left and the right and all that. even for "caving clubs' and the "american Society of African Violet growers", or the "cat fancy" clubs!

the streets of life are lined with shoulder to shoulder offices in storefronts that are recruiting offices for heavenly Societies.
be aware joining is for keeps, or...maybe for a *very* very long time!