Friday, January 10, 2003


in, there is this article....

Statue of a Hindu God Topples in India
January 9, 2003, 1:28 PM EST

NEW DELHI, India -- A giant statue of a Hindu god toppled this week, killing at least one worker and injuring several others, police said Thursday.

The 108-foot statue of the Hindu god Krishna collapsed Monday in the village of Narsinghpur on the outskirts of the Indian capital, local police officer Ram Kisan said.

Kisan confirmed one death. But the Dainik Jagran, a Hindi newspaper, said at least two workers were crushed under the cement statue and died at the scene. It said at least a dozen others were injured, four of them critically.

About two dozen laborers were working on the statue, which had been under construction for six years, at the time of the accident.

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Well folks, i have read of this event, in the local papers...
I wonder.....??

I wonder what the Synchronetic implications are?!! what symbol does this event foreshadow for India?! Krishna is one of the manifestations of Divinity, in the Hindu religion. it would be as if a 108 foot statue of Jesus were to topple over, during construction, on the outskirts of washington, dc!
seeing that the Hindu national party is getting a ruling majority now...and the ever increasing conflicts, there, between the Muslims and the Hindus.....this does *not* look good, sports fans!!

what does this symbolize, for the Indians? war? a failure of the Hindu way of life? some great ethical failings by the hindus?
[ another paper gave the toppling to be caused by a poorly made foundation. but *could* it have been muslim terrorists?!!!]
some great disaster befalling soon, to India?!
i would hesitate to guess, i would not want to try to know....

surely, as this statue has been under construction for six years and it looks like there was about one more year to go, whatever is portended...may well happen one year from *now*! by january of 2004, something would happen to India, if this is
AN OMEN!! [7 years]

*that* is a good question...are "omens" real?! are events like this a kind of "physical prophecy"?! Carl Jung says of Synchronisms....[a shadow cast into the past, from an event, and anything that corresponds *to* this event, in symbolism, will Correspond.] "events cast shadows before themselves, from the on-coming future"!
but *is* this event just "random noise"...or is it "real", a real omen?

surely, for the very superstisious indian people, they might think so!
we, in this country, may well all just say that this is just an event, like of the mall construction yesterday, here in tallahassee, where a roof collapsed onto a worker, injuring him.