Sunday, January 12, 2003

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Date: Fri Jan 10, 2003 11:30 am
Subject: Baltic Weather
[I have also read this in the new york times]

Russia battles big freeze

The winter is harsh even by Russian standards.
[20 degrees below normal in moscow].
The record low temperatures in Russia over the last few days are
continuing to bite as government services struggle to fix breakdowns
at heating facilities.
In order to change all the heating systems in [Yekaterinburg in the
Ural Mountains], we will need 20 years

Some 25,000 people in north-western Russia are still struggling
without heating, as temperatures dropped to -45C and old or overused
heating systems broke down in the extreme conditions.

The Emergency Situations Ministry said more than 1,000 employees were
working on restoring heat to all affected regions, but officials
complained about the lack of cash to carry out the major repair work

There are also reports that the Baltic Sea is beginning to freeze
over in some places, and Finnish scientists say the ice may cover it
entirely for the first time since 1948.

The Gulf of Bothnia and the Gulf of Finland are almost completely
covered in ice, reports say.

"This is going to be a rough winter. Not even the occasional milder
spells will necessarily help," says Ari Seina, head of the ice
service of the Finnish Institute of Marine Research.

In addition to covering an unusually large area, the ice is also five
to 20 centimetres thicker than average.

Some 40 ships have been trapped in the icy Gulf of Finland, near the
city of St Petersburg and ice-breakers have been sent to their

Death toll

In Moscow, three more people died overnight, bringing the death toll
from the severe cold to at least 240 since October.

Another 62 were taken to hospital as a result of exposure to the
cold, reports say.

Health officials said a further 35 people suffering from frostbite
and hypothermia were also receiving hospital treatment.

Most of those who have died or needed medical aid are homeless people
who drank alcohol in excess to keep warm.

Air temperatures in Moscow, which normally hover around -10C, dropped
to -35C before going up on Thursday.

I find this Interesting!!
I see in the sunday times that the area near the canadian border, in North dakota, will not warm up to EVEN ZERO!!
I see signs that this will go on for about five to seven more years....that we all will know What Rules the Northlands!!
--a series of winters that will Test the metlle of everyone and
"global warming" will be seen as "utter folly", put forth by the Liberal people!!

there was a science fiction writer, back in the 50s, who wrote editorials for an old sf mag...."galaxy" or "Astonding sf", perhaps.
I read, at the age of 16, or so, a strange editorial, by him.
he says......[paraphased by me.].....

------that climate *and* civilization-types, go in linked cycles.
repeating, re-occuring, cycles. when it is a "warm period",
there is Liberalism in the air, and all the creative arts flurish and the political cant is "leftist"! read..."democrat".
when the times grow COLD, the political right becomes the norm and the after-the-party-costs must be paid for, the liberialist partyings.
the winter-vibe is...", order, uprightness, moral majority,
think..."Tuetonic" they would say...[the terrible secret
of the tuetonic race!]...."if you do not do it the right way, on time, winter will kill or ruin everything that you own!!"

---no more "southness"!! no more laid back Tolerances.....
Time to let the majority rule and the minorities Conform....
time to get right with God, morals, country and motherland.
make rightious WARS and send off your sons, if not yourself, to fight the Crusade!!
...........this is what he more or less says!!
I would dislike to have to admit that he might be right!
is he right?!
in five to seven years, we will see.....

I love it WARM WARM!!

but i see a heavy pendulum a-swinging towards the Right!!