Wednesday, January 08, 2003

letter to the editor of the new york times......

in the tuesday science section there was this article........

Drink Your Milk: A Refrain for All Ages, Now More Than Ever

he goal of the "Got Milk?" campaign may be to sell more milk, but the main beneficiaries of this advertising effort could well be the bones and health of current and future adults.

As we learn more about the benefits of calcium and the particular importance to a healthy skeleton of calcium during childhood and adolescence, nutrition experts are becoming increasingly alarmed about the failure of most young people to drink enough milk.


here is my reply....

Jane Brody wrote of how many people suffer from lactose intolerence and cannot drink milk.
But I have another experience with milk! I found, over the years, that i could eat ice cream until it "came out of my ears" in the North, in upstate ny. In the South, however, *any* ice cream would give to me
stomach trouble, gas, and the "runs": classic Intolerance symptoms. But i wondered why i could eat ice cream in the north.
i had a friend who gave skim milk to his ten kittens and they all had the runs and died!! The vet told him that cats cannot handle skim milk well as they need a high fat content in their milk!
*that* was my clue: skim milk and "low fat" ice cream!
There is more butterfat in northern ice cream!
Now, i can eat all the southern ice cream i want as long as it is very high in fat! ["rich and creamy"!]
I know, now, that us primates are not made for a low fat diet! Interesting, it was, for me, to read, maybe in this very Times..."the closest genetic DNA species, to humans, other than Primates, is the CAT family"!
You all who have "lactose intelerence", maybe you should try a "regular" high fat milk or ice cream: stay away from skim milk or low-fat milks!!