Friday, January 31, 2003

interesting, my dreams!!

Interesting, indeed!
Perhaps in light of my PROPHCIZED impending death, my Guides are "signing me up" for various heavenly services!! get me all signed up with *this* temple of healings and *that* school of Counselings....or whatever!

Last night i went to a lower heaven, "lower" as all of the people in it were seemingly from the "applalachian mountain poor"! dull skies predomenant and but.........this WAS a spirit world, not here on earth.
I was introduced to a man who asked me if i wanted to make "rounds" [his word] with him. i agreed. then both of us, perhaps with yet others, went from house to house, of a number of houses.
He checked on the 'state of the souls' of people . I, myself, talked to a few of the residents, in the houses.

i have the feeling, upon awakening, that each and every dream that i have, now, that has a "signing up" to it, has it where i link to someone or some organization; where i could work with them after i die. i gotta make the connection here, i guess.