Friday, January 17, 2003

I was browsing Barnes and nobles yesterday and in the bargin section was a book by a well known psychic.
it was about the afterlife and what it is like and what to do, here on earth, in preparations for it!
[i cannot recall her name, i always do that as my autism is such that i never never remember names of books, movies, etc,etc!]

she had a page or so about the time to die, when a soul before birth chooses when to die. she says, her guides tell her, that there is almost always several "exit points", in time, when a soul can leave the earth IF it wants to, on the soul level. there might be three...four or more and even two in six months and then no more untill ten years go by.

---this got me to thinking again about my own case. spirit has told me that i had one in 1964 and again in 1982 and yet again in 1998. I could have died.
what i find Interesting about my vision-dream last may 13th, 2002, where the India master told me that i had one more year, and getting this info from my records that i, myself, had set up before i was born.....this puts a harder EDGE on this "exit point"!
I have been shown that by the end of 2002 [now], i have finished up all my life-mission, acorrding to other dreams...
so that this exit point is *the* major exit point.
theoreticly, i could still pass it by, if i DO...then i probably will live till my genes run out, or else in some collective earthchange disaster!

THIS brings to me some very interesting questions, sports fans!
*could* i pass this one by?!
SHOULD i pray to have this one go by?!
I could!!

I spent some time on this.......coming to some observations.
If i do pass by, then all the Players in my afterlife missions, in heaven, would have assembled but i would not be there.
Miss the ultimate Appoinment. thus any learning or Work, up there, would not be done.
So i prayed to spirit, as this all involves many many other people in spirit. suppose i had chosen, after death, to work with the healings of other incoming souls: if i miss the appointment, that would not be done!
so, in prayer, i asked Spirit that IF i were to miss my Time, then you, spirit, please appoint others, in spirit, to take my place, to take my Missions, that i would have if i died in 2003. the Work comes first: matters not if i do it, or others!!

Spirit might have something here on earth, yet, after all...but i found it strange and even a bit "exciting and radical" to have it set up in etheric 1938 to have missions in the spirit world and then Miss the arrival appointment so that i am not there for it!!
and....if i miss it in heaven it could reflect upon my remaining earthtime too!! i could not, on earth, be "part of the solution", either!!
if i were to remain, i probably should act either as if it were a whole new life and do things differently, from what i do now...or just not give my opinions to anyone and join the Consumer human race! I would know that whatever i was supposed to do, in heaven, would be in good hands and maybe even in better hands than if i were there for it all!!

i probably would know, by my 62nd birthday, on june 28th of 2003....whether i had passed by the exit-point, or not!
if i am still here then, i guess i will close my "one year to live" weblog! what could i do at 61 years of age with a lung disibility??
60 to 70 of all socialness is OUT! for me....any lady who lives with me *MUST* have no perfumes, no detergent in the wash, no furniture....etc..etc...and i have to RIGIDLY have to "approve" each and every thing that she has or does....for my own health's sake!!
"alone"...i guess!

i wonder what *interesting* things that i can do with yet more life: i will find something!!