Wednesday, January 22, 2003

I read today that Fargo, North Dakota, will have a high temperature today of -10!!
that is ten below zero FARENHEIT!!
and that is the high for the day!!!!!

my own sudies of cycles of weatherleads me to believe that we all Northern people are in for about 5 to 7 years of a winter
that ...

"Global Cooling" anyone?!

[whenever the experts just KNOW that they are right, life does a surprise!!
I wonder about the Second Coming, what a shock *that* wouild be if it occurs, to the Intelligentia?!]

every year, from now on, for years, new york and chicago will have six months of ARCTIC winter!
good thing free trade agreement has it so, where all
our florida oranges and vegtables will come from latin America! Frosted dead sticks do not maketh a good orange juice!

those germans and other Tuetonic races probably are perfectionalist, picky, the *know* that if they are NOT that way, winter will kill or ruin everything that they own!

[get your arctic parka while they are still in stock.]