Friday, January 03, 2003


as my computer is still in the shop during the Holiday that will not end, and will be there until the end of january i fear, i bought a used Playstaion 1. I got PERSONA 2...ETERNAL PUNISHMENT, a japanese rpg anime game.
...I soon discovered that this here game is *not* your standard "cute-sy" japanese rpg! a 25 year old reporter goes to a Tokyo
high school to intervue high school kids over a Occult-driven murder.
She befriends a group of kids and soon they all are constantly attacked by demons form all over the world and from all religions!
from ghosts who are earthbound souls in the high level minions of satan....
But in this game one can befriend these demons, any and all of them, and even enter into CONTRACTS with them!!

but this game purchase was after, by a few days, a dream i had.

in THIS dream i went astral traveling, traveling to out of body in the spirit worlds. only in this floating across the lands, i went down...down...down...down to what seemed to be a plane that is below the level of the earthplane. there were many encounters with many spirits dimly remembered. too too bad that i cannot remember who and what, in my astral dreams i do and talk and vist....but i awake with only the dim memories.
this is *not* so much a matter of my not being "trained" to recall the memories, i feel that this is a problem of the worlds that i go to being so so so utterly different from my "here", that nothing can be grasped and brought back to my wakingness. and if it comes across dimly and thus open for mis-interpetations!
My dream was of that: utterly different "physical laws", very very different sceneries, from anything here on earth.

-------- from my own experiences on the astral planes....IF i were to say that there are 100 planes, you, reader, might suppose that the earthplane would be "number 1". NO!! the entrance to the spirit worlds, from the earth, is somewheres, maybe, about at level 30! There are levels and levels that are below the level of the earth: most people when they die go to level 32....35...or perhaps....level 40. --------------

anyways...i went down to a level where the free-ranging spirits were trying to fend off what they called Demons.
eventually the group of attacking demons came charging into their
"place" and took them all prisoner, including me who was amongst them. eventually i was brought before one of the chiefs of these "demons" this personage *looked* a bit human, but here is a near-naked spirit who looked quite like some "classical" demonage, as if the human race descended from BULLS: imagine a human bull, standing upright with a somewhat human head and face!

but then i had a kind of grace, having a body up on earth; i could leave and come back to the earthplane and eventually i did so.

these Entities are REAL. all of them. the hellplanes exist with all your "favorites", in residence. real entities where the Racial mythologies reflect
what is really there. most people will have NO need to ever ever
see these worlds or the inhabitants who live there.

I wonder what they all do for "fun and games' there?!
and yes, one could indeed make a contract with some of them, i would suppose. just like in the game, above.
what kind of life, here, would one have, with a Demon for a friend, in the spiritworlds?!!!