Thursday, January 23, 2003

cold even here in tallahassee!!
suppossed to go to 10 farenheit tonight. north dakota *might* see a minus five for a high temp!

in this dawning five years of


I noted something on my yesterdays bus that disturbs me greatly!!

here was a girllady.
"girl-lady" as in "manchild"! she maybe was 25 but as far as i could tell she was 14!
cotton for brains! a doughnut hole for a head. the bus diver tried to give to her directions and it was clueless, and there was an inference in her talk about her ringing cell phone that of COURSE she would answer it while making a left turn into traffic!

florida's school system ranks, i hear, about #48th, in the state rankings and i hear that all the top administrators voted to give themselves a 30% raise in salery while Programs are being cut for the kids!

so here is a girl that was never never taught


thus she is her teenage girl archtype and she will do all of the archtype-things that a woman will do, for her life, unless she can rise above these Programs!!

our collective weather is turning very very cold and only native plants will survive and the orange juice may well come from brazil, by 2008! so here is a girl that may be blank about proper anti-freeze for her car and battery care. she is a hot-house plant, where Permissive life-styles let her do her wandering, emotional, thing: NOW it is time for the grasshopper to DIE and the ANT now comes on its own!
her schools Failed her!! not her fault she has cotton for a brain! in a place where the CEOs come first with Tenure and the kids come last?!!
what will she DO??
probably marry a good strong man and let HIM dothe thinking for her, like the girls did in the 1956 to 1963
COLD TIMES. cold times so cold that ithaca, ny, was snowbound for a whole month and no trucks, eve, got out and in 1957, the heliocopters had to drop food onto most rural counties, nearby, in upstate new york.
-40 degrees occurred in places.

*that* was the time of the ant....fundamental conservative and the job and the draft were all....women stayed home and cooked and cleaned and they let Authority do the choosing for them!
and men stuck with that job even if it killed them....strong men who put down devient behavior, devient behavoior that only "grasshopper times" can support!!

tonight, tallahassee, in north fla, will have 10 degrees.....and probably WILL have 20 every third night until the end of march: no more pretenses to 'tropicness!" all native, and northern plants, from now this here timeof global coolings!!
five to seven years of
"siberian arctic air masses even putting 25 degrees way down to Miami!!