Monday, January 27, 2003

......some person, in the live journal that i have [a copy of this one!], invited me to join a "alien abduction" COLLECTIVE COMMUNITY.

[you might have to actually sign up for an account, with,before you join or read this link]

so i wrote this letter and soon i will also send the experience of being abducted *as* an out of body experience.
letter of intro.

yes I thank you for the invite and i have joined.

me a Abductee?!
yes and no.

I had a dream years ago, where
I was abducted OUT OF BODY! [as in "OBE"]
in other words, right from my bedroom, in a "dream"! some people waoud say that it *was* only a dream: NO!

was not a dream at all, and i was taken to their ship, in the spirit world, to have an implant placed in my body.

tell ya what....If i can find the file, i have it somewheres and i will try to find it and i will share it here in my next post.

my point is....i wonder just how many MORE people have had Real
Alien Abductions but they would call it a "dream"!

I got real flack from a "hardware...physical-only" ufo person when i told him my account, once!
there seems to be a GREAT schism in the ufo-community over this: one side believes the aliens come from the astral-spirit wolds, and the other side belives that these aliens come only from physical other planets!
---so this guy was not happy to hear my account. I feel, myself, that these beings come from the spirit world.

the spiritualists who know that the afterlife realms exist and that we all go to heaven after we die and that the earth has many heavens "above' it: why some of these spiritualists do not REALIZE that in the Universe of perhaps 1,000,000+ planets
with Intelligent beings living on them, *each* of these planets would have their corresponding astral heavens!! since some of these civilizations would be very *very* "advanced", and have the saucer technolgy on their physical planet, why not have the astral copy of these ships *in* the heavens too?!
---and travel to other heavens with these ships and do it quickly, in time, as "distance" means nothing in the heavenly hyper-space!
in effect, i feel, that many of these aliens are the
spirits of deceased aliens from other planets in the Universe galaxy. so *BOTH* are true, the hardware people and the spirit people. the sacers come from other planets but
as astral spirit objects, as the occupants *are* spirits!

but what about the radar sightings and the physical evidence?!

they lower the vibration of the ufo-vehicle down so that it is visible: if a ghost can be seen, so can a spirit ufo!
and down down so that it can be touched!! look at the Risen body of Jesus where Thomas had to touch jesus to believe!

anyway...i will submit my "dream"!
it is NOT a dream.
you all can recognize that it IS an abuction, when you read it!