Wednesday, January 29, 2003

ah good!! tis fixed, ah yes, the blogger people come into the office and all the red lights are on!! nuttun works!

well lets see now....last night i went in spirit to a afterlife place.

There was this large building with Murals all aound the walls, murals that i only had a minute to look at as my Guide took me inside.
My guide then introduced me to other Teachers, of this building and then they told me, these teachers, that this place was a


it was a mormen temple devoted to schoolings and learnings and that they had just
enrolled me into this school, and that i would go there after i died to begin School!


I am not a Mormon, now! i do not even have a family or anything of the "home and family nature" that the mormons seem to center around. i am *not* against the mormons, it is a ????? as i wonder why.....i wonder why I ought to go there, after i die?!

these guides seemed to sense my ponderings, even then and there they picked up that i wondered why.
they said to me...."You must realize that this Temple is *NOT*
like the mormon church on earth'!

so i have been Subscribed. i wonder what other places i will find, after i die, that are "subscribed' to?!!
I got a strange strange feeling, sports fans....that many of the "heavenly representations", of earthly churches, organizations, and groups, are NOT like their earthly counterparts!
I will have now about four months to find out!!