Monday, January 20, 2003


I recall an interesting article by an Educator, months ago.

he more or less tries to answer why the "kids of today's schools are not learning very well".
he says...."In essence, it is not in our best interst to have our kids learn how to think for themselves and to develop their minds! For if schools *DID* this, our kids Will Not Make The Purchase!!
A person who thinks, might not be swayed by the emotional pull of the advertisements and they might not buy".

yes, our economic future and *your very job* might depend upon our kids being "dunb", so that they will buy buy and have the factories a-humming and then *you* will have a job and social security in your old age!

......." if all the Lemmings are a-marching towards the Cliff, the one lemming that turns away and refuses to join the pack, why the rest of the lemmings will try to correct the devient way of this one lemming: correct out of kindness, if not in "Force-ness"!