Tuesday, April 30, 2002

I heard from an aquaintance, that she heard from her
psychic friend, in the e-mail. friend says.....to her...

"the earth has entered the 5th demensional level, now"!

I gave this some thought, what she told me. i have heard from many sources how sometime, either soon or just a awhile ago, that this is/was to happen. as IF the earth were to die and go to heaven, in a sense; the whole planet ascends, while "in the physical"!
---be as if one dies and goes to the first level of heaven!
What would a 5th level earth, be like? we are or WERE on the fourth level, where time is the highest ruling demension.
Again: from what i read, the psychics seem to be in agreement on something like of this...
That on the surface of things nothing will LOOK like anything is different; the birds sing, the sun shines, and life goes on. HOWEVER! that "one level up" will cause a closer nearness, of the earth, and of all of the people on it, to be nearer
the Celestial Spirit level, then it was before. This means that there will be a greater interweaving of a person's outer world, with their inner world: showing up MORE with the older, more spiritual souls, in their lives: the not so spiritually aware and living, why they may end up being dragged into the 5th level, as they are still operating on the 4th level!!

I thought, here, in my journal, just how might i try to describe this thing: the ascended earth! i find that my definitions are hard, very
hard, to make! I have much more of a FEELING as to how, only translate-able into a story.
i will make up a story, a story that must be short in words...
a TRUE story from my hometown life, from 1998. this "really" happened.

I moved into my second floor apartment. a week later, i learned about the family next door. mother father and son, the son who committed suicide about a month before i arrived; he drove down to the lakeroad and parked on a farmroad and put a bullet through his brain! mother was still in shock. about a week after i moved in, i set up my meditatation sit-blanket and my radio, to listen to music and to meditiate while doing so. right up against the wall, on the side of the 2nd floor wall, next to the driveway, the drive that separates the property from that family next door. her property is about 8 feet from my house.
set out blanket.
turn on radio and find some wonderfull music and ...here we go....into mentalmeditationland!
XUSMFOTMEKRLLG DXXXXXZZ----the sound of a lawn-mower at FULL volume! i stand up and look out the window to see that mother mowing her lawn, she and mower were on the very corner of her lot next to the driveway, the closest possible that she could get to my meditation pad!! i watched her, she mowed that same spot over and over and over, in a daze. as IF...[i believe this!!]...as if she
actually wanted to mow right into my apt and sit by me with mower and even better, get right into my soul with me!!

weeks later....
she and husband plant a small tree in their front yard. obviously, in Honor of their suicided son.
Fall comes quick, here, in new york, soon the ground has 6 inches of snow on it.
there appears to be an OBJECT by the tree. i see it is a BONE. a deer leg, dragged there by a dog!! yes. a fermer. a deer bone
right at the base of this four foot leafless stick, sticking out of the snow. Bone sat there till spring. then tree never sprouted any leaves, it too died.
where did the bone come from?? people hunt deer here in upsate new york and a dog drags a deerbone from nearby where the hunters brought home a deer to slaughter.
four house over, i knew a man who had a close friend who were avid deer hunters and there WAS a deer hanging up on a tree limb, to cure, just before being cut up...that fall.
they, these two friends, would sit togther in the back room, for coffee every morning for hours, in their house, near the deer tree.
every morning. for years.
I had the DISTINCT feeling that their conversations were ALWAYS very very "negative" and full of anger.

Thus i have a therory, a therory only. i can NOT know if my supposition is real or not, but it would make a very very *very*
good example of how the "5th demensional earth" would work....as the suicide son lived in the house with the parents and their house was only 60 feet away from the "room of negativity" where they bitched at life for one to three hours per day...that room was like of a RADIO TRANSMITTING ANTANNEA, that sent out negative astral vibes daily. thus their deer leg appeared by the tree!
thus they may have influenced the boy to end his life, their vibes were so "non life supporting"; basicly..."life's a bitch then you die"
kind of rants, in that room. I can not KNOW this for fact, but I could feel the negativity vibes coming out of that room of theirs!

link: their deer bone---tree honoring suicide boy. their vibes---invoke negative feelings in the boy, his radio picked up the vibes!!
like MY transmitting, at my meditation, attracted his mother.
perhaps when the two men get to heaven, they may have to help this boy get his act together as they "had a hand" in his death, if my theory is right.
do i have a right to even MAKE this suppossition?! well, I see what i see, the pieces fit...but even IF it was "only" a story and not
linked, in THIS CASE: the story would be a good example of how we live in the 5th demensional world!
"what you are inside will attract around you from the outer world, the reflection of this: like attract like"-----will, this Law, be greatly Increased, in magnitude and scope!!

Monday, April 29, 2002


nothing like being 1200 miles away from a "divorce snit"!
daughter of my aunt versus her "ex". the ex contacted me to try to convince me of the rightness of his side. sounds good on paper but i am to to far away in more ways than one.

i begin to see how each person is a mirror of the other. words are meaningless as each word infers a private symbolism where the listener would only agree with the literal word.
if he says that she uses him as she goes out after other men...
what actually may be occuring is that he is SO needy of her every second of life to be one with him that he gave to her not once inch of rope in order to have her own life. this often masqurades as a statement, such as..."I just want a caring wife to be there for me and to have my meals for me". read: cook and clean and be 'behind her man"!!
if she says that he does not care for me, this could mean that she is cold and unable to love him, thus he must go elsewhere.

the point is...

the poor "third party counselor or mediator" just hears the naked WORDS! from each person. there is no meaning there as the word means one thing via WESTER'S DICTIONARY, but yet another, in the private symbol system of the talker!

this poor guy, wanted to come down and see me, wanted to convince me in detail just how It Is!
millions of these....betcha you are in one yourself, reader! remember: words are *not* the reality!! the word "spoon" has absolutely not a thing in connection with that object that is on your dinner table that you eat juicy foods with!

Thursday, April 25, 2002

I think that i will give up reading and posting to lists about "Sai baba and his Evil Sex Acts"....or some such title: the angry devotees form lists where they ventilate their Pains, in writings.

---they are in "reaction mode", i find. they sorta NEED to be 104% against this baba, in opposition to their utter devotion to him, before!
the SYNTHESIS must come later, i guess.
all i get from my posts is either a Flaming, or either that i am told that i do not know a thing at all.

Baba must be trying real hard to wean the kittens off of his form; gotta worship the Wine, not the cup that it comes in!!

Tuesday, April 23, 2002

---someone gave to me a bit of advice on the "perfume lady"...i replied.

tis been a while since i come here...been so so busy!

ya know, the reaction that oozes out between the lines, in this letter about the Perfume lady, i feel comes from more than a bit of this....
those 1,000,000 "little ole ladies", out there, in the astral and the physical, who WANT me to get to know her...she is a woman i am a man and we both are single so MARRAGE must be done. the Mass of the great Collective Thought Forms! as if there is "pressure" for me to bend over backwards to get to know her!

why i got a letter just this morning from a man who more or less says that she is an angel come just for me and that i MUST go out of my way to seek her forgiveness and more or less learn to handle perfume and make it my life-task to bond with her in Union forever!
---i get that kind of FEELING TONE, from his letter!!

why am i mumbling about this sort of thing HERE?!

because this is an example of how Hidden pressure is brought to bear on a person, to bond with this or that way of life. the streets of life are lined, i feel, with Recruiting offices, all awanting your joining-ups! a non-commited person is seen as fodder to be signed up!
thus there is pressure to join up with belief systems of all kinds...
i like that phrase: i repeat it again...

Be aware of your thoughts and feelings: often they are not you own, they come from spirits around you, and influnce you to become as them in mind and heart. Many, if not most, of these spirits are Incarnated into the physical world! they can even be your neighboors and your friends. Let it be that YOU choose what you believe in and have a feel for!

> In a message dated 4/22/2002 7:31:22 AM Pacific Daylight Time,
> freestonew@y... writes:
> > now she is back at her job, back in town again!! i
> > rarely ever go to that mall now...she may not ever
> > want to come to that cafe.....MAYBE i will not have to
> > relate with her again: how can I? not one sentence
> > makes a bit of sense, of anything that she says....!!
> >

Monday, April 22, 2002

i posted an interesting article from "sai critic" about getting weaned from worshipping the form of Sai baba, on my other weblog list of articles.
on the left sidebar where it says....that is the link.

.<<.HEY! I have found some Incredible stuff on the Net, over the months, Incredibilities of the Spirit and of the Occult. I copied some parts of these articles into a "weblog filefolder" HERE. Interesting Articles can be found on my new site. ..
the perfume lady is back!

a sad story follows.

a couple of years ago, i often went out to the tallahassee Mall, where there was a Piccidilys cafeteria, where i would eat an early supper. went near every day, until i moved to another part of town.
In the mall, there were always about three or four people who worked for some "consumer test agency", interviewing mall customers.
there was a lady who stood right in front of the caferteria, i got to know her a bit. she says she moved to another city every year or so...
she was VERY eliptic and a doctor would call her "shizoprenic"! *very* eliptical in her words. I could not talk to her, no sense was ever to be made with anything that she says! she was about 20 maybe, or even older: age was hard to tell....
she had her own private symbol system, very very intricate and involved and hers alone. i cringed when i saw her, eventually, there was no escape, she stood in front of the door of the caferteria!
she wore lots and lots and lots of perfume and i am quite ALLERGIC to perfume. i would tell her over and over and over about how i had to stand ten feet from her; the perfume was so bad and it always mildly wounded her in my telling of my allergy!

i have coffee at 7 am at a tallahassee obscure cafe. one morning she appeared there. i tried to talk but her elipticness and that *massive* PERFUME, I HAD TO MOVE TO THE OTHER END OF THE CAFE TO GET AWAY.
she began to appear near every morning!
i just KNEW that she came because of me! she had an attraction for me: she alone without a man!
one day she told me that she was moving....in a week.
one day she came in the cafe and proudly and lovingly gave to me a parting gift all wrapped up, she awaitied my Opening of her farewell gift.
it was...
a huge decanter of very very expensive COLONGE...perfume for a man! strong strong suff!
i squacked again about my allergies.

she ran out of the cafe, sobing and crying her perverbial eyes out!

---my server aqauntance, a guy working his way through college, had this to say to me, after she ran out.
"you, freestone, probably should have accepted the perfume and then pitched it in the trash AFTER she left, but of course she expected you to WEAR it, put it on in front of her, perfume up real good for HER!
ya know, freestone, you were probably the ONLY man who ever ever knew her where that man did not see her *as* a sex-object, only!! you treated her as a person..."

yeah...sigh...many would have said that i should have soaked myself In that perfume, just for her alone...and wore it for life just for her sakes...

now she is back at her job, back in town again!! i rarely ever go to that mall now...she may not ever want to come to that cafe.....MAYBE i will not have to relate with her again: how can I? not one sentence makes a bit of sense, of anything that she says....!!

---she is an incarnated angel, from the angelic realm, coming to get a Human soul! as a human soul...there is Individualism. then to work WITH God, instead of being a servent of God...that is why humankind is created higher than the angels!
alas...she brings her angel world with her, this maybe-first human incarnation! she may be barely able to function, psychologically...all of her inner value systems relate to a reality that is *utterly* alien to the human realm!
---i can see why, now, she gave to me that perfume ...in spite of at least 30[!] warnings, over months of time, about how allergic i was to perfumes!!
because Love is formless and ideals have nothing to do with earthly conditions! my being allergic has absolutely nothing to do with her reality: that perfume is the Essence of spirit! how could i deny it and thus her as well?!!
"wine is wine: the cup is not relevent"---that is her Pain! her world has nothing to do with "length breath or form"!! thus my allergness does simply not regester!

a greater pain!
---that if i WERE to have accepted her perfume without reacting like i did, i would have just ENABLED
her past angelic-only condition!!! i would have DENIED her very incarnational intent in order to get that Human Soul: i did the right thing by having her make that scene of cryings and very upsetness!!
now ....i have great Compassion for her, in that she may have near-endless such encounters, of learnings: about what it means to "think" and to be aware of the Limits of the physical realm, and what it means to have a human soul---sympathy for all of the many hurts that she has and will have to experience. to skip the hurts would be like a father doing the highschool homework for his daughter! she would not learn if he did this work for her.
thus, i did not "enable", did not reinforce, her past angelic life, in my not accepting that perfume from her and wounding her so.....when she dies, she will then be able to enter the heavenly realm of human beings.

Thursday, April 18, 2002

well.....more thoughts on that dream of yesterday where i was shown that "i fail to get through the 3rd level"!

real profound thoughts!

actually Simple.
---that 3rd level is where a "kid" becomes "a man"! that period in my life, from when i was about 12....to when i was 22, was suppossed to be that time that i "matured' and became a man.

I did not!
thus i can see how i am in my 60 year old heart, a 12 year old boy!
i can name the 1000 ways now, from my love of computer games to other things. I was to remain a "boy" in the name of Service to Spirit.
a larva that never spins that cocoon and becomes the butterfly.

there are places i heaven where the kids go that die when they are only a kid, like of 5 or 13 years old. there, they either "grow up" or remain a boy.

thus i will live in heaven *as* a boy, perhaps for keeps.

now, i can think of 1000 good advantages for being this...first off..."to enter the kingdom, one must be as a child"....the verse says...
all the advantages of a kid...little "adult' fixtations to unravel.

well i gotta go........end of letter

Wednesday, April 17, 2002

SOBERING thoughts over LAST NIGHT'S dream!

-oh it was a simple enough astral type dream. I had to walk through places one by one, as if there were small "worlds" about a square mile in size, in series: my guide unseen, who seemed to be doing this to me, made small comments about my progress as i went from area to area.

[I belive that there were seven areas....each area minics the "seven stages of my life". as i have been TOLD, by spirit, often enough, that "i am on my seventh life stage", it would appear that dreams like of this would occur, as the seventh stage of my life is that stage partway "here" and partway 'there", into the afterlife: i am suppossed to be "summerizing" my life, before leaving this world to go to heaven!]

there was a problem!!
as i entered an area, through a gate or opening, in the bushes, the whole scenery became like of a computer monitor screen that was experiencing a "video crash" due to a video card unability to show the graphics of a program! the scenry became ever increasingly garbled, visually!!
my guide then told me that" my third stage of life was not completed, back at the time that it was suppossed to be"! he then says, in my dream, [essentually]...."as this was not done, you cannot go on, you are stuck", as each stage depends upon the prior one being completed [!!].

I had a long long time to wait for my bus, about two hours ago, plus a long walk to the bus stop and another long long walk to the library where i am now....
lots of thinking and praying.
a Conclusion comes....

as other "stages of life" dreams have been shown to me, over the years, i now figure that "it began" about 11 years before my birth: birth finished "1". [all those years in spirit planning the life, i guess!].
there are about 11 years per "stage". in 1996, a very very mysterious wound-scratch appeared on my right arm, just under the wrist, a scratch about three inches long....a PERFECT "seven"...the number "7". no artist could have drawn it better! I ASSUME that is the beginning of the "7" stage....yes, about right...i was born in 1941 so that 1930 + 66 = 1996. thus i am now about 5 1/2 years into the 11 years, of that 7th cycle: i COULD live for another five or so years....as i am writing this, i NOW see why that dream on about april 4th had the clock to indicate "7:30" as i walked up the stars to heaven!
[i may NOT live those 5 years!]

so the end of the 3rd cycle would be about 1963....the year that i crashed completely out of College!
failed. misrerably! "D's" and "F"s in all courses, as all of my Hopes for the career of meteorology
went a-crashing!
so today, april17th, is about the last day of classes before Finals! the feeling of courseDoom is in the air, so many students are near failing. and of COURSE i am now sitting IN the library AT the very college that i failed at!! so probably this stimulated this dream, being in all of the thought forms!

when those three years of College crashed, in 1963, more than just three years went down the drain! there is all the years in high school of getting up to enthusiasims to become a weather professional: all of the encouragement from the relatives....etc..etc..
In a way...as the college burned, as if that NASA rocket burns at the launching pad: not just the rocket fails, its mission also fails! Home family career, that WOULD have developed from my successfull graduation, go into dust also! all of the beginnings of "falling in love/marrying/family/etc/etc, that start with my first weather job, also burn!
[over the years, spirit has showed to me that i had to give up my life, in order to Serve Christ, in some way, where the "ordinary" social life was to not be: as my life went onwards...there was my mother's death, my sister's pain and her death...and my father too! all for them, for others i seemed to have lived......]

even so, with Spirit's Doings, to crash my ego-life, there is STILL that lack, of the 3rd stage. a real lack, a lack that has to be reckoned with. [I assume Spirit has everything all planned out: i am not TOO disturbed!]
like of a kid who skips a grade and misses out on that level of development. this is where i sit, now.

so when i go to heaven very soon, i will have that "3rd stage" not developed!
WHAT this will mean for me in heaven, i now know, is this....that i will not be a part of "social groups" and not be a part of what most people consider to BE the 99% of what life is about----home/career/family/friends!!
[like of a star that is off the "main line sequence" of steller life-development"!]
thus i will always be
AN OUTSIDER to what is going on, in the afterlife worlds...
and by Spirit's Orders to be that way!
i will live my afterlife experiences *as* like of a visitor moving to JAPAN and becoming a resident there permanently, but not knowing the language OR the Customs of the people!
I will never be able to be involved with "families" "social cliques" or of the rest of what Humanity considers to be real!

my heaven ought to be REAL interesting!

Tuesday, April 16, 2002


---seems i need about 9 to 10 hours of sleep a day!
right now, for this year, i seem to get up at 6 am. by 4 pm, i need an hour nap. then i am over the hill by 7:30 or 8....no matter how interested i am in something...i need to go to bed!

little wonder...as i wade through thousands of people in a large city, all of the abrasion against all of the auras of people around me!!
Oh...i suppose i could find that perverbail cabin in the woods, without anyone around, but there are no learnings there!
so it is that nap in the very heart of the day, probably from now on......

Monday, April 15, 2002

I walked across the Governer's square mall parking lot yesterday. An hour before the sunday opening, the lot was empty and deserted.
In one of the trees along the dividers, far far off, i heard what sounded like
----like one of those construction barracades with the blinking yellow lights and the beepings.

but this beep came from a tree!
as i got closer, i could see that there was a mockingbird in this tree and this was its song! mockingbirds are great mimics of songs of other birds....i guess this bird now has a new song, in its reprtroire!

Friday, April 12, 2002

I went ASTRAL TRAVEL last night to places.
seems i do almost every night, but there was something Interesting in this one!

a countryside. some place i have been too before. a farmhouse with some lady inside. we talked.
this lady was really impressed about some article that i, freestone, had written! In fact she had it on a sheet of paper and showed it to me!!

the sheet of paper looked like a sheet of computer printer paper with typewritten paragraphs on it. i tried to read it and, indeed, i could tell that it was something that i had written!
[i cannot recall exactly what it was...]
something that i had written....on the computer and sent off in the E-mail OR to post onto this Journal!

that is....I went to visit, in my dreams, someone who had read something that i had written.

we talked...then i left, to go to somewhere else. the talk was not "earthshaking"...i cannot reacll THAT either, what we talked about...!!

but what i DO find "earthshaking"...is that a spiritual connection was made to me by "merely" the person reading an article that i wrote!! then i could go to the astral 'address" and meet that person in their dreams!

---anyone, here, dreamed, on about april 10th, of meeting with a man who is about 6 foot two tall, and thin and bald with a promenent nose...white anglo-saxon?!
[three of my friends HAVE seen me in my dreams....but i looked very very different....perhaps the astral body of when i was 13!
short...fat...curley hair that is black...round face! maybe an orange robe-like Pajammas to wear.

anyone here meet me?
write to me at...freestonew@yahoo.com

Tuesday, April 09, 2002

that church that i eat my lunch in!

yes indeed, i eat my lunch IN a church! a "homemade" cooked lunch, made by a kitchen staff
in the church kitchen, for the public as well as the church members.
a large Episcapal church, there are over 120 clubs and organizations within it.
As the actual church Hall is being under repair, the Sunday Service is in the auditorium where the cafe tables are set up, the alter and the rest of the props, are 30 feet away from where I eat: I eat IN a church!!

---I like the IDEA, that i detect, within the Episcapal way of seeing spirit.
there was a book of Celtic prayers for sale in their bookstore, i looked at the introduction and was AMAZED at the philosophy within....
utterly radical and No One Notices!!
the writer says that all of the rest of christianity calls man..."sin from the beginning, at Adam, thus we are corrupt and sinfull AT the heart of our souls...thus we are inheriently "bad' and only through God's grace, via his Son, can we become OK!
---but this writer says that the Celtic Way of seeing mankind, via their christian slant....is that man is inheriently PURE and spiritual within, in our hearts, but that sin and corruption has come onto us, on the outside, from the days of Adam onwards. he says that the celtic way says that all of nature and the beauty of the earth's natural life, is from God and it is Good! beauty and lovelyness is of the lord. we, mankind is too, inheriently and originally pure and beutifull. but the problem comes in where all and each of us has been corrupted over time and experience with sin. thus it is up to us to seek our salvation and to seek it through the spiritual life; to restore us to our original state...clean up our acts!

both concepts are *almost* the same: but that "slight" difference is ALL!!!
---the mediterianian/Teutonic way is to see man as instristicly "bad"!
---the Celtic way is the see man as instristicly "good"!

all the difference in the world!
Now i can see why the Epicapal churches are always very beautifull and it seems that "arts and crafts' are strong within the church member's lives!

Monday, April 08, 2002

there IS a hell world.....I was there last night!

I have read, from some of the articles from the new Age spiritual channeling books ans sites,
that it is now that there are no more Hell Realms, in the afterlife worlds!

not so......

I was taken by some unseen Guides, to see and experience a whole bunch of Places That You Do Not Ever Want to Visit!! or---to live in!!
each realm was somewhat small, and they each had some type of wall or embankment around them: a boundry to separate one from another. i was TOLD that these were worlds where souls worked out their sufferings and their earthly ways that were not nice.
---one realm essentually was a junk yard! a huge huge junkyard full of broken machines and scrap metal.
piled at random all over the place, in the open and in huge open air barns. souls grubbed amoungst the collected stuff---i guess what they held dear, upon earth, was being shown to them that these precious-to-them items, in the afterlife, were only just so much junk!
---here was a whole open field where Punks tore at each other in a never never ending gang war! with bare hands, punching, and constant fightings...
---a similar world where the open fields were full of plants with RAZORS for leaves and each touch onto these leaves was an invitation for a painfull cut.
----another world, under a dim yellowgrey sky, nearly dark, there were bands of souls that when they got close to me i could see the pain upon their faces, faces that did not look "nice' at all....they looked more like faces that upon the earth when they lived, they held ANGER and RESENTMENTS fester fester in their haerts so that the faces now looked LIKE the kind of negativities that they loved to live in while earthly alive.
Place after place...many of these places, many i do not recall....

I had the sense, though, that no one was there 'forever"! these were what i would call[my term]
"psychodrama worlds" where souls who brought negativity with them into the afterlife, why they have here an opportunity to release it here. they cannot go higher in afterlife places, higher in vibration, unless they get rid of that negativity. be like dungerees are OK on the street, but one cannot wear them into a church service, so to speak: the "hells' would be like of a "changing room" where someone could remove the pants and put on dress pants, then be able to enter the Service!

Thursday, April 04, 2002


tuesday evening, on a nice walk, i Prayed to Spirit, accepting that i will now continue to live yet longer, after that "i was supposed to die in 1998, but was extended"---- realization. i prayed for a many years of life and Service to spirit and Aid/help for this.

that night i had a Dream. Morning of the 3rd. a dream that reflects back to me what Spirit "thinks" about my Acceptance that i will continue to live on earth!

Dream begins....[interpeting as i go!]
I "awake to find that i am in a small warren of windowless rooms, office rooms. This is my Air Force Squadren and i am in my shift, as a computer operator. [USAF Japan..computer operator, 1967]
dream has me in the role of what is most symbolic of my whole life...my "inner" life, "windowless", inside.
[real computer room was in a windowless bank vault!].
so here i am in my fatigues, repoting for my evening night shift duty, but WHERE IS THE OFFICE??
the rooms are gutted of stuff, papers strewn all over the floor, the computer is gone. i go to the officers offices only to discover that the rooms are bare!
my squadren has MOVED behind my back and i am the Last To Know! moved to another building perhaps?! No one told me and it is over, my job! my life!! [obvious: my life Mission[s] is over, all stuff moved Upstairs to heaven, only the physical/mind shell of "me" is left here!]

I run around the dim office rooms and find the door to....the stairs to the main floor above.[basement offices]. tis my High school hallway, i find, upon my reaching the top of the stars!! tis my 1960 high school that i am in...
[life is high school, on earth]. I run around and i guess somone shows to me where my Squadren has moved to. it is UPSTAIRS. [of course, moved upstairs!]
I find a stairway, a stairway made of rich-hued maple-like wood, a grand staircase up to another floor above the main [world] floor. there is a clock next to this stairs! time is about 7:20 or 7:30, i tell myself in the dream..."its 7:20 [or 7:30], my shift lasts till 9PM"
next scene. i am now IN my Squadren's offices. I am seated in a very very nice room that looks to be more of a HOME than a office, there are windows everywhere all framed in this same wood that the stairway was made of...this wood is everywheres..."they" welcome me to my new job. i can see through a door into another room with huge windows, i can see that this is the new computer room.
then a man who seems to be an "officer" comes over to sit with me to talk to me about my Duties there.
[as if he an i were now EQUALS, not i, an enlisted man, speaking to an officer-in-command!]
he showed to me a map of south pacific Islands, with a patch of green island...calling it the
"Lie Mie" islands. I am hundreds of feet above these islands.
----end of dream.


I spent much of yesterday Pondering and praying....
here is what i see.....
the time. I have been told, in many dreams, that "i am on the 7th stage of my life". thus the time indicates this. another dream, in january of this year, shows to me that i stood on the porch of the Nursing home looking at my high school: there are at least TWO more floors built on top of it!!
THERORY----that we all have, archtypely, NINE stages of life: 1-7 on earth, where #7 is partway into heaven[half on earth, half in heaven]. once in heaven there are TWO more life-levels to experience, IN heaven, until one goes to a "final placement" somewheres near the Celestial level. the two extra floors of my high school!
thus this squadren is NOW in heaven, not on earth. 2 and 1/2 hours to go. two more levels to go, to live.

and "Lie Mie"?? the name of the islands seen from ABOVE?
if "D", in the alpthebet is "zero"...there are 7 more letters between D and L..M
0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
"D" is "DIE"....the level that is "die", the level in spirit BEFORE I WAS BORN! "D" represents my pre-birth level, in spirit, before i came to earth: thus it is "death", I in the spiirit world, not on earth!
" 1 2 3 4 5 6 7"...is the stages of earthly life and i am at "7:20" or 7:30"! "8 9" are the heaven levels.

DIE 1234567 LIE MIE

that squadren is now in heaven and that is "the next" IMMANTENTLY!

maybe that dec 4th 2001 dream of seeing that signboard in heaven of the number "120"...is NOW!!
after all.....
from dec 4th to april 3rd....is

120 DAYS!!

so folks...THAT is the feedback to my prayer!
or is there yet another interpetation that i can give for this dream.....??

Wednesday, April 03, 2002

ah spring in tallahassee.

the notherners might call it "summer", but tis spring.
interesting place to live, in 100,000 ways...

there is a recycle binbox near my bedroom window. i was moving it around to the back of the trailer away from my bedroom window, when my friend from next door came over and he wondered to me why i was moving my box to a harder to get to place?!

"tis time to move it, it now awakens me at 4 AM"!
he scatched his head.....
"yes", i said...."my recycle bin wakes me up...tis a FROGATORIUM you know...

---good place for tree frogs to huddle under! I opened up the lids and showed to him that there were three tree frogs under them!
you would not BELIEVE how loud a tree frog sounds at 4 am!!

Tuesday, April 02, 2002

---advice to someone, in a letter, who loves a lady who is emtionally disturbed and has "problems"!

well xxx, i can see that this lady thing will go on and on...

recall how it is with someone without a spiritual Vision. they see only worldly values as being real!
as an end. thus the toys you own and the $$$ you make, counts for all! power and influence over others counts for all too.
flip side of this is that the pains are real too!

so i suspect she stands about three inches from a wall and she can see only just what is in front of her eyes!! thus she can only see a circle of wall about four inches wide---she sees not the rest of the wall, the room behind her, the outdoors and sky outside of the window...let alone another person in the room!

like a kid with his face pressed up against a bakery window where there is a cookie just on the inside of the glass, the kid wants that cookie SO bad, it fills his whole hard drive of a brain, just as it looks about four feet across to him, that cookie. he will scream and kill for that cookie!
so this lady is caught up in her emotions of the moment. the moment. next moment the emotions may change and THAT becomes the emotional need of the moment.
hell of it is....you LOVE her! and she loves you too, somewheres in there inside of her!!
thus she has no way to "get outside of the box" to get a vantage-point upon her way of life. she is in "illusions", a waking dream.
you may have more to you than that, more of a old soul...but she is where she is and she thinks that multiple men IS the way and she feels that money and career, in her man[men] are utterly what is real and important!

you cannot change her, she must Do the cirriculum course, she is in "3rd grade", you may be in 5th grade.
3rd graders can only do third grade stuff, you cannot force her.
thus basicly this is not solveable. maybe some of her relatives KNOW this, thus they do nothing as they KNOW that it is all up to her!
this is why i feel that the only change is within YOU: change your vantage-view and all changes into Forgiveness and Understandings...
Know that she is a young soul and that she will go to heaven like you will. know that only she can learn her lessons that she came here for. by understanding her and the way she is and the "whys" of her life; you gain Understandings and thus can forgive.

perhaps it is time that you begin to ssek other roads and other opportunities, elsewheres. she will wiffle to yes and then to no....for the rest of her life, holding you in Ransom to her illusions....

and do not be so hard upon yourself,
as such a self image gives permission for these ladies to walk over you. if you "are a nuttun"...then she will treat you like a nuttun!!
try to find ways to love yourself. the Lord loves you...


Monday, April 01, 2002

SO THIS IS HOW IT IS...a story!

On easter sunday, on my long alone walk, I wearied a bit over the State of the world: the capital of Christianity in War...etc..etc..
I made up a small story.
here it is....

Once upon a recent time...
The 8th grade school teacher sat alone in her classroom, one day, after all of the students had left for the day. Grading papers and all of that, maybe it was now 4 PM and near time to leave. There were sudent
papers still strewn upon the desks and scrawlings of chaulk on the blackboards...
"when will they ever learn" she muses. Seems that the same thing go on year after year: she has taught there for nearly 20 years now and NUTTUN changes! the students still have their teen-age snits, they fight and yell and think only of themselves: the classroom is about trashed by the schoolyear's end, only the repair/maintanence crews can clean up the room during the summer for the next years class.
"aha", she says!
"that's it"!
She realizes that nothing ever changes because a new batch of kids come into her class from 7th grade below her, every year. some learn, some do not. Then they Go On to 9th grade, a whole "level up", another school, another building somewheres else in the city. she has actually never been there to see this junior high school!
So. the kids are perpetually in 8th grade year after year after year, a standing wave never changing. only the faces change from year to year: the problems and lifestyles of being "13 years old"...is a given every year.

The teacher then thought about her friend who nearly died in that accident last year: had a near death expewrience to show to her that heaven is a reality. She also thought about the Sermon at her church last week about how Jesus talked about how He knew Jeremiah before he was born and even Concieved---lesson of the sermon was that we all have had a PRIOR experience, as souls, in the spirit world before we were born [let alone past lives on earth, for some people!]....
"7th grade" she exclaims!
"and 9th grade is heaven after we die"
---now this teacher does not get so upset as she reads her new York Times! the woes of wars and the Gossup and evils, of people, do not bother her so much. she sees that new souls are constantly coming into the earth and old souls graduate, never to come again....the problems and the lessons never change, in this "8th grade" of earthly life! History repeats, but with new actors...people seem to never learn: but they DO, it is just the same lessons but with different students!
---perpetually 8th grade, this earth is....decade after decade...100 years after 100 years...

what matters is how YOU master your own lessons!

---end of tale!