Thursday, December 26, 2002


---the photo on the front page of the new York Times, showed about four soggy inches of trafficed snow, on times square[?]
the caption read....

"be carefull what you wish for"!!

I was a meteorology student in college at FSU....WEATHER!
On about a couple of days before xmas of 1974, the ground in my hometown, where i was, was bare. usually there is snow on the ground by then...all the kids in town were lamenting about the non-white xmas to come. i saw the weather map on tv, on xmas chance of snow, they said.
but I SAW...on the map, a strange little pertibation in the jet stream over Ohio! a little "kink" that sometimes bcomes a low pressure center.
about 8 pm, on this xmas eve...snow began to fall, and christmas morning saw about six inches of soft wet snow on the ground and all over the tree limbs in the very very BEST "new england fashion"!

I KNEW, then, that the collective thought forms of all of 20 million kids and adults INVOKED this snow!
Christmas would not be christmas without snow....everyone just knows that, especially if they are TUETONIC in background or of eastern european background! or from the northeast!

so i see that this storm brought up to 30 INCHES of snow to some places, and places that are the "heartland" of christmas...the northest and the middle atlantic states.
no matter how much trouble this snow matter how many flights were canceled...Christmas *must* be white and the weather Responded to the collective Will!!

---as my theroy goes....our weather is *not* independant of the people under and in it....we affect the weather by our thoughts and feelings, in addition to the usual culprits of global warmings...etc...etc.

be carefull what you wish for...Real Magik!!