Monday, December 30, 2002

well my autism more or less strikes yet again!

i have gotten some flack about what i wrote yesterday, about the South...bias and bigotry...and the hamburger! I seem to always be surprised when i get this flack, from the RACISTS! i define a "racist"
as someone who is obsessed with race *as* something to defend or is important! a race, as i see it, is only a group of people where souls from other races incarnate into! thus people who devote so much energy to hitting upon all "put-downers" of their race...why they are more interested in the classroom walls than they are of what is taught there!
the american spirit guide wrote....that currant race is largely made up, now, of souls from the white race, especially those who had some Relations, good or bad, with the Indians, while they were alive. thus they chose the Indians race, this time around, so to Use this race to Learn some lesson, in this lifetime.
many 1600s to 1900s Indians are now incarnated into the white race..... this guide writes.

yes, i see people, who has become a "heat-seeking missile", looking at *everything* for some slight slight putdown of his race, going to "flame mode" back to the writer or speaker, to "raise the counsciousness" of that biased person....why i see these people as being "racist" as probably "race" is all that they think about all day, all year, long!
---they kicked the tar baby *real hard*!!

well there is about six months left, to my earthly life, assuming my Guru-vision giving of that "one year' is true and not to be Overwritten by Spirit.
In my weblog/journal future writings, i ponder a bit about how i shall write, in the next six or so months. My autism makes it hard to write clearly and i do best if i describe literal, physical things! objects and events and images.
alas.....each and every thing that i see is loaded oh so so loaded with bias and bigotry! must be......cannot be otherwise, thus i will step on someone's toes with each post, in the future.

just how, for instance, can i enter a donut shop and choose, or even LOOK, at a donut that is of one kind?! my liking of a cherry donut, is only a personal bias, and what about that chocolate donut next to it?!! i put it down, just by "denial" if i choose cherry, then i reject everything around it. life if choice and choice is bias! any choice. every choice. then the bigotry comes in.....if i say that the "cherry donut is a better donut and you better try it"!

maybe these liberal leftests see only "grey" in their visual seeings.
then they are blind! to see one to isolate that thing from its "surround"! all the colors together is "grey".
even if someone were to have *this* philosophy.....*that* philosophy would still, in and of itself, is a biased philosophy as it is set off against all the other philosophies that exist! if it exists....then what about all the others?! even the person with NO philosophy, HAS one...a philosophy of "no philosophy"!

probably in a certain egroups mailing list, i will CEASE to post anymore lettercopies of my Journal entries as this list always gives to me someone to reply that i am "biased"! i cannot help it, any thing that i see or think about is a "stereotype and a bias"! will be, must be....I cannot sit at *all* the tables at a coffee shop, at the same moment! I can only think one thought at a time. each thought infers a denial, a putdown, of all other possible thoughts.

welcome to the Dualistic world!