Monday, December 16, 2002

tis amazing what stories lie just beneath a surface of an "ordinary" encounter!!
---one of the Lessons that i have learned from playing computer
role playing games!-----

In this same macdonalds where i overheard the jail talk[ previous post], i was standing in line to order my coffee.

This was Saturaday, the day after the last exam. there is a college Motel just across the street, and behind me, in line, were several people from that motel.
three of them.
all of one family.....father, mother, and son.
father was dressed up to the max, and even he muttered to me as i looked at him..."betcha you dont see ME in a suit but three times in a year"...or something like that.
Son was suited too.

Suddenly i realized that this saturday was graduation, for some of the Semester people, and the son was graduating.
father was a "working man", i guessed. mother was dressed up too. their accents placed them all in "south florida". tallahassee, the home of FSU, is hundreds of miles from their home.

I was struck, as i waited to order, as i listened and watched them....i was struck by the SULLENness of the son! i would niavely assume that the son was to be happy *at* his graduation....he even looked a bit "old", like it was for a Master's that he was getting, not his batchelor's.
never smiled....never laughed.

I pondered a moment at my table, paper and coffee in hand, before
reading...."why was he not overjoyed?"!!
probably some Family Dynamics that i could never solve....

I could visualize them all, the three of them, in a kind of "time demensional matrix" where there is a "depth" of time going backwards from "now" this "space" their would be Conflicts...sya like the father was a guarge mechanic and wanted son to become one himself, but the son wants to be a History professor instead!
---or maybe the son has a degree in business administation where he wants to manage a son OVERSHADOWS the father, in Achievements!
---or maybe the son got his Degree through family pressure and they see "success" but he sees "failure" as he wanted to play music in a band but father wanted him to become a Degreed and Certified professional man! he had to bow to family pressure and the family has also hiw wife-to-be already picked out and Arranged for him!!
? ? ?

I read the paper and left the there were no way ever to reality-check!

but hey!
I realized, yet again, how even the most "mundane" of everyday
events have layers and layers of interwoven unknowns hidden away! neat, for me, to try to find some of them, *without* just projecting my own bias into what i see!
*that* is a Lesson
of learning in and of itself: trying to See without projecting
my bias-assumptions into what i observe!