Friday, December 20, 2002

there is a scientic article that *really really* impresses me!!

The article about "dark matter"!
the science people are finding that the Galaxies are receeding at ever a faster rate, than they thought, and that eventually the galaxies will expand apart from each other so that each will be alone, with all the stars burned out from old age.
Dark matter is ever increasing, causing the Mass that is accelerating all of the one knows what this matter is, as it is invisible and only-recently been Detectable and Proven to exist!

I was even the MORE impressed by what a Spirit guide or a Psychic wrote about this dark matter!
----"the Universe is transforming, from matter to dark matter, and this dark matter is the Spirit-world! soon, all of existance will be nothing BUT this dark matter, transformed via the counsciousness of all the entities of all the inhabited planets in all the galaxies!"

To me, the idea of the "heat death of the universe" is FALSE! this dark matter is made up of all the "material" of all the "physical scenery" of the heavenworlds! millions and billions of heavenrealms, created by the residents, who died, from the planets thoughout the Universe!