Tuesday, December 10, 2002

---a post to a rpg computer game forum.

Hi xxxxx

I like your post reply to me! it is very very Intelligent and it helps this here newbie a LOT!! I have had a 333 pentium with a xentor 32 vid card and i SUPPOSE that i could have play MW but oh the slide show! do not even think of using mods or tribunal!
Finally...an upgrade to a 1.3 athlon with a gainward golden sample 450 vid card, is soon-to-be, *just* to play MW!

[i fear slightly the Shop will install the "very latest drivers", in spite of what i told them..."use the detonators 30.82". i read that the 40.72 was TERRIBLE! maybe if they end up installing the latest, it would be "41.xx" or later, and it might work, they being now certified! next week i might have this here new system!]

so i approach MW with a kind of awe and anticipation! and a slight fear of a letdown! i read how so many loved the game and yet others complained BITTERLY about the "empty npc dialogues" and the " graphics first, storyline last" mentality of bethsoft!!
---probably MW's review will reflect the character of the player
who reviews it: tells more about the player than the game!

I do not intend to use mods that add armor, add god-qualities to my character. i would want only mods that add yet more atmosphere to an already incredible-looking game!
----more npc dialogue
----maybe a house
----maybe the teleport ring
----maybe potions/scrolls.
----weathered or real signposts.

if tribunal is "only" 40 hours and MW is from 80 to 100 hours
and then i add yet more "quest mods" later, to add another 10 to 40 hours, and i play only 5 to 10 hours a week....lets see....that will be
I could DIE, at my 61 years of age, before i finish this here game!

lets NOT talk much about my VisionDream, where a Master told me that he read my life-records, in spirit, and he tells me that i have one year to live!!!! *that* was given to me on may 13th of 2002! less than six months away!
? ? ?
maybe MW is a warmup for the Ultimate Big Gameworld: HEAVEN!
when i arrive i intend to treat this here huge mod, to be lived like a first person RPG!!

and.....with my 1.3 system, there will be
ARX FATALIS.....DIVINE DIVINITY...GOTHIC 2....LORD OF THE RINGS [*if* they come out with a *good* version!!!]
and yet more...

yes, i am 61 and Play RPGs! i only use my computer for games...
never too too old for creative rpgs! never too too old for Imagination and Wonder. as long as an old tree spouts New Growth, it is alive and growing! i have seen very old men, they being only 50 years old!

If there are any more suggestions, from others, about how to play MW-TRIBUNAL....i will eagerly read.

but in the End, it must be MY game, played my way: not to choose a character *just* because some Guide says that this is "a super winner"!
a character i like.
probably a fighter at heart, but with a good mage ability, using maic mostly as a support backup, like of heal, teleport, levitate, cure...etc..etc...with maybe one or two "fireball-type" of spell, for those far off monsters!