Monday, December 23, 2002

oh the city is quiet after all the students leave.

a good time to walk in peace and walk in Meditation, about how that Vision, last may, gives me that year to live!
---least that is what it was, a India master reads my liferecords *before* i was born, read them years ago, apparently!
these "records' must the be Intent of my incarnational plan....

probably this is what my mother also saw, as she, Dream tells me, she was my mother in my past life India!
same master or another master, as her master would have seen her records perhaps from 1900 or 1904.
but the same soul-group!

in THEORY, i might have the power to change this death-date! or at least pray about theory as this date could have been set, back there in "1938", before i was born-----but NOW, today, there might have been changes, thus i could change it, through prayer.

but i would have to know WHY....why was it set up then?!!
better not to Tinker, even if i my prayer *must* be..."do what is right Lord"...."do what benefits the most people in the most way...including myself"!!