Tuesday, December 17, 2002

my profound insight gotten from Dicken's "Christmas Carols"!

yes from Dicken's tale of Scrooge and the Clerk and [?]Hackett, the crippled kid, that son of the clerk who had one leg and a wooden leg. As i recall from my childhood tv watchings, the ghost of Christmas future took scrooge to see the living room, in the near future, of this clerk and the Boy. Scrooge was shown an empty room with the wooden leg hung up on the mantle, the boy is not there. This was after scrooge was shown his own tombstone, in the graveyard: inference....is not good folks! Hackett is dead and dead because of the way that Scrooge treated his clerk father, probably the boy got sick and died!
Scrooge repented! he gave everyone around him a merry Christmas and gave the clerk a big pay bonus and a raise and brought a turkey and great cheer to the clerk and his family. As i recall, near the end of the film, Scrooge went to see that clerk's family again and to see that wooden leg on the mantle, hung up, as hackett was sent off to a special London school for crippled kids, for Apprentice Trainings and a better leg!

BUT IT WAS THE SAME SCENE!! the visual prophecy was utterly correct: leg on mantle, but the *reason* it was there was utterly different, due to Scrooge making a change. scrooge's raise made it possible for this boy to go off to school, but the leg was still hung up in the same position. Moral: a prophecy can be given showing a scene. but their might be four ways to GET to that scene, same end-scene for *each* path, but the meaning of the scene would reflect the path chosen. *that* is where the "free will" would enter into play!

from my own life's prophecy...
on december 4th of 2000, i had a visiondream where i was shown scenes from my Very First "hours" in heaven, after i die and arrive there!!
---the Greeter.
---the Welcome, by him.
--being told that my sister, who died in 1986, had gone on to a higher heaven and that her house, there, in this lower, first arrivee, heaven, was now occupied by another incoming spirit.
---being shown my OWN cabin, a cabin that a spirit left behind as it went higher, in Progressions. left to me, Assigned to me. There it was, a simple Mountain cabin with my name on a signboard...
..."freestone"! there were two numbers beside this sign.
120 420
*one* interpetation: 12 4 20 ....dec 4 2000

this Guide then told me....."this cabin is *right* on the very edge of heaven, *right* next to where the incoming souls enter, from the Earthsphere, after they die"!
[I had one other dream, weeks later, that showed to me that this entery point is only where good souls pass onwards up the hill, from the Gate, but that there are a *lot* of souls here that live right next to this gate, in a city-type of community: they are too "undelveloped or dysfuntional" to go higher. in life they were the "negative" people who had no spirit life. the air was dull grey, in perpetual fog...the "sun" only shines on the pleateu above! the people all were depressed and "grey". mostly they sat around and mopely hung thier heads in a depressed dull funk! or redlike bitter rage!

I did not "like" that "prophecy" that i would live literally *right* next to this gate, as close as possible to it and still be in the heaven!!
surely i was not *that* earthbound in thinkings, in 2000!!

but today i see this "edge of heaven" in another light!!
According to the "Teachings" of the Dicken's Carols, above,... this cabin and its nearness to the edge of heaven is like that wooden leg on the mantle. an "end-state' gotten to by several POSSIBLE means.

maybe it is up to me which Meaning i choose to put to this cabin!
Up to me which meaning that this cabin will have.

my Choice, right this minute??
well, i could be a Greeter, or a healer, to other incoming souls!
I could go to heavenschool, after i get there, and Learn How to do this. surely the POOR, in heaven, will need this "greetings"!
they will need all the help that they can get!
[the poor? they would be the people who spent all their lives focused on Materialism-as-an-end in itself, not as-a-means to grow their souls! thus they could well arrive with NO "spiritual soul-possessions: Poor!]
Thus i would "live" in that cabin and for a long long time, but as a healer/counselor/guider...much like that greeter who greeted me!
same cabin, same scene, same place, as foreseen in 2000.

I suppose this "lesson" of "Hackett-leg" could be applied to *any* prophecy: personal or earthchangely collective!
i e..."California breaking off the mainland and falling into the sea", foreseen by Cayce!
1.....California is Judged and a great earthquake tears it away from the mainland and it sinks.
2...California people Overcome some "condition" that leads to this "judgement" and thus GRACE is applied. Thus in a million years the Continental Drift tears the california away and it sinks beneath the ocean at 1/4 inch per century! but as time does not exist, from the vantagepoint of spirit, as it is seen from here, Cayce's Seeings would be TRUE, but arriving from a different path, than from a "sodom and Gorromorra" Judgemental process of spirit!

merry Christmas....freestone