Saturday, December 14, 2002

macdonalds at 7 am.
at the table drinking my coffee, there were two men sitting at another table nearby and i Listened.
I only heard some of the conversation, mostly from just one man telling the other about his life.

seems that he just got out of jail. not long ago. I Paid Attention, a bit!
I turned to look out of the corner of my eye, to see a older, maybe 35 year old man who looked "Intelligent"!
but what struck me was the "vibes" coming from his voice! everything that he said had the feeling of "jail" in it!
i do not mean that he talked about jail, so much ; i meant that there seemed to be a feeling about his soul that "jail" would be a natural outcome
of his livings!!
---a little like that Peanuts character "Pigpen" who radiated dirt where-ever he went.
thus this man radiated a life that probably he would BE jailed for, eventually!

---reminds me of other people who emit GOOD VIBES...a bit of "sun on a cloudy day"! people smile when these rare people come into the room, or into their lives!

a Spirit guide, speaking through a medium, said
once, i read....."the vibration of any one particular soul will be the Signiture of that soul throughout all the ascending heavens, as the soul Journies up to the Throne levels of the Celestial realms! And...that no two souls are alike; each soul has its own Vibrational Aura, and this Aura will remain for Eternity!"!