Tuesday, December 31, 2002


yesterday i sat down at the table in my trailer living room with a large, new, empty, journal. i began to write a bit in it...some of my dreams and a few comments about my "one year to live"

poignet actions. i live alone in a rented housetrailer that is owned by my good friend of some 20 years. If i were to die, he or my cousin "joe" would probably be the person[s] to have to come to my trailer to deal with my personal belongings.

he would find my dreamjournal, of course.

here are two friends that i might never never breath a single word to, about my "one year to live"!! i have not said anything...to my tallahassee friend as he has a life with five kids and an old father and all of that...

so he or joe or my aunt....

So i am a bit "forced' to write this journal With An Audience In Mind!!
he does not really belive in "fate". i have *tried8 to tell him that free will is the cornerstone of the universe but that for some people, their free action choices were made BEFORE they were born, by their
oversoul, and once incarnated, they cannot reach that "button" now, as it is in spirt...thus they see it as "fate"
why would i want to change my fate unless i knew *ALL*of the particulars about this choice and the ramifications of what i choose and much of the interwoven stuff about my death is probably IN spirit world so to "tinker" with an extension would not be wise!

the hanged man. living, i am, with my feet in heaven reality, not on the earth. thus i see earth utterly differently, after all of my psychic and Spirit experiences!! NO ONE would probably accept all that i have seen...

why...just that vision i had about how our
CONSUMERISM, our being obsessed with material consumptions...

IS MANDATED BY SPIRIT....set up by spirit...

would make all the new agers turn away from me!!
they are clueless, these new agers, that life is a school and *would*
these new agers want 5 colors of crayons...or 100 colors of crayons, in their "soul-art class 101", in the high school of life?!
each "object' that we buy is a potential for us to grow our souls with...IF we can use it to Imaginative purposes!

ramble...ramble...time to sign off!