Thursday, December 05, 2002

"Evil" dream last night!

Oh these dreams, dreams where i go to places that may or may not be in the astral or lower heavens, or on earth. Here, in this dream, i followed the fate of one person through an Experience; perhaps to teach me something about life!

some nameless southern small city, i was "with" him for days. he was in the Thraos of finding that the city he was living in was EVIL! He spent much time wandering the streets all disturbed and i could see and sense NEGATIVITY springing up everywheres! he muttered over and over and over about how terrible it was to live here; he needed to move back North!
i could watch how he seemed to attract this negative people and terrible vibes to him. the angryer he got, the more disturbed he became, the more the evil seemed to increase. Soon, i could see shadowy forms of demons hover in the very air, attracted like of a moth to flames, *his* flames of negativity! A black hole sucking in matter and getting bigger and bigger so it sucked in even more badness, thus justifying his stance completely that "this city IS evil", and thus he got even more angry and thus even more of the
surroundings began to Come To Him, as "evil"!

feedback music, the microphone vs the goes till they HOWL!!
naturally he sees quite correctly in this, I could not doubt him a bit!
I wonder how this began?? i was not there to see that. probably just one small event started the "snowball rolling down the mountain" to cause this Avalance of evil!

he Probably had the mis-fortune to have had moved to a city that is "Psychic Amplifying" to *any* feeling or emotion: i have seen and i have lived in such cities myself! I live in one now: TALLAHASSEE! an exceedingly Dangerious place to live in, such a city, for many people; as *what* you feel, will draw to you, in everything around you, i have found...draw to you what you are...faster, quicker, and more powerfully.....than if you lived in a city or place where the vibes are "neutral"!
If one "had his/her act together: *what* a creative place this could be for one to live in!! why, to draw happiness and love and creatively joyfull people to you....why that would be like of a "heaven on earth", while living.....but you would have to Prime The Pump"! you would have to make the first effort, by sending out into the city, vibes of happyness and optimisms!

---yet another example of "True magik"!!