Saturday, December 28, 2002


I was in Publux supermarket yesterday and i heard something there that AMAZED me! there were two girls at the checkout line, the cashier and a friend of hers. they were one else was around being so quiet and slow, just after xmas. the two, maybe 20 year old, girls were laughing and talking about xmas and new years, and one of the girls was laughing about how she was going to do something on new years eve...THURSDAY! "maybe it is wednesday, not year's eve...i just doooont keep track of days..i do not even know what day xmas is"!

a nearby "entire town school system" got a "D" rating, from a state that ranks....florida does...ranks, someone told me..."number 38" on the list for Quality of education!!
---this is a city, tallahassee, where i heard one man infer that he did not know his left from his right, hand! several years ago, i met a donut shop server that gave me a plain donut when i asked for "chocolate"...she told me afterwards that she did not know that chocolate was dark colored!!

the University Intellectuals, here at FSU, and "mind-driven northerners", who move here, constantly put down the "redneck stupid southerners"!

I noted that these two girls, in the grocery, were laughing and really really happy. They were filled with happyness and Love, love toward each other and to life in general.
which would i want if i had to choose between: a lady who is smart but has no feelings and no love for anything....or...a lady with a deep feeling for life and Love for me and for all of life?!!

My perception about "Bias and Bigotry" is that the most Biased of all people are the Mind-centered northern they consider the mind to be *THE* measure of what a person should strive for. mind only! no music...poetry...Kinetic motion movement
strengths [ read: "sports", like basketball!]...arts...Devotional singing...etc..etc.
they would turn the Hispanic and the blacks into "North European White-ies", without permitting the Strengths of the races and racial subgroup peoples to even BE, let alone to grow!!
talk about Bias!!

someone told me once about how the North and the South differ,
in America! he told a story.....

"Go into a hambuger stand, in the north, and walk up, during a busy time of day and order....order a *very* complicated hamburger, a hamburger that has to be made up special and have hardly *any* of your wanted ingredients on the normal menu. like, perhaps....a bit of lettuce with some ice-cream mix with double ketchup with cheese and a scrambled egg too! the server, a middleaged lady who looks like a old stern "schoolmarm" to you a dirty look, as her
routines *is* interrupted...she scowls and gives the order to the kitchen. when the burger comes out, she hurls it onto the counter in fron of you, the dish clatters across the counter loudly loudly so that everyone can hear it and it is *if* the air has suddenly cooled to 38 degrees: she stares at you with a frowny stone cold silence frostedly.....

the south.
same hambergery type of place, same time of day. you explain the order to the two servers, young girls in their early 20s. your first get a "Duh" or a "say what?" try again. and again. they finally get it and they laugh and laugh..."we all never seee anything like *thaaat*!". laugh. just gotta smile and laugh too, as the order goes into the kitchen and you can see the cook laugh too.
when it finally comes out, maybe six employees will have had their day made, in laughter, by your order. you end up talking to several
people behind you in line too, maybe even sit down with one of them afterwards, to eat together and to continue an Interesting Conversation started during the long hamberger-making process!
Soon, the Hamburger comes out and is set before you, by a wonderfully happy smiling young lady.

But it will NOT be what you ordered! it will be "wrong" in some way!
As you accept what they tried to make for you, you may even find that their mistake made a BETTER BURGER than what you would have gotten if it were done right, to your specifications!!!"

which burgerplace do YOU want to go to?