Saturday, November 09, 2002

today there was a special help, "fair" at a local church. I walked around town to try to tell as many homeless-looking people about this event that i could find.

many were apprecitive.

however, i was dismayed at the great number who were very very angry! angry that i told them. angry at me, and even more angry *at* the idea of a "help fair"!!

one guy says...."that thing is for the fucking crack addicts, i Do Not Go"!!
---he is an alcoholic!!
maybe alcohol is a bit "pure-er" than a crack addiction!

another guy just rages.

a terrible terrible suspician Looms!
that is....that those who "need" it the most, are the LEAST likely to go! and....that the very concept of "being homeless' often
is such that these people do not go! if they Could...they would not have been homeless as surely there would have been
attempts made, over the years, to find a way of life to get off the streets!
thus...the very fact of being homeless often is also having the inability to find aid!!

one would have to FORCE street people to attend, "for their own good"!!!

i fear that many people with problems will just end up COOKING in their problems for years and years...just a-cooking in their pains, for years and years, until the very soul-essence of Pain is distilled out!!