Monday, November 18, 2002

tis now half-way through "that one year to live"!

the lunar eclipse is tomorrow: the next one, about may 20th, a week after "my year"...if i recall aright, this eclipse is on my saturn in the 12th house! exactly, to the degree!!

winch! ouch!

ah well....six months to live....
Today, on my little walk to campus, "i spun the Prayer wheel yet again", asking of Spirit as how how I should Get Ready....even after I have been told over and over, in dreams, that "there is nothing more to do"!

maybe i should really be asking..."what can i do, now, in light of what i COULD do, in heaven.
the upper heavens, after Purgatory."?!! but how can i choose when i have yet to be there.

the "real' heaven, after going through all the "preparation" heavens, beginning with pugatory!
even if for five minutes, surely purgatory.

i just remembered a dream, an out of body visit to heaven, long ago.
this is where i talked to a lady who had just come from a lower heaven where she lived in a dull-grey-sky city! a place that *YOU* do not want to go to, to live forever, from what she described!
grey skies and an inner city-ness that is ALL of this huge city, a city called


yes!! Dis, right from Dante's Inferno!
[i read from spirit guides that Dante Took a out of body TOUR of hell, what he saw was very very very
REAL! least "real" as to that time in history that he lived, long ago.

but Dis is still there and there are all too too many earthly "colleges", "entrypoints" to enter Dis from, in this here world! "hell" is not a popular topic in this "new age good-feeling self actuilazational " times! the new agers do not like Hell to be there!
But I have seen it; been there