Saturday, November 16, 2002


I have lived in this city now for about four years straight, this time. I finally bought a small box of ice cream at publux. There is very little ice cream in tallahassee, the south is not a dairy country!
but i took this small cup home and put it in my freezer. As i walked past my mailbox and checked my mail, there was one letter in it. I was amazed at this letter, it was covered with MOLD!
the postmark was for "march 1st, 2002"!!

talk about SNAIL MAIL!

It was a letter from my old gainesville friend, who wrote that he was getting ready for his trip to Alaska
and to return in November. probably came back and found the letter that he *intended* to mail!
In this letter of four pages he spent three of them writting about his failures with
ICE CREAM! on and on...his experiences with how plastic it was and artifical and that he walked just yeaterday to a grocery and the ice cream was tasting of plastic!

what a coincidence! on the *ONLY* day that i bring home ice cream, i get a letter about this same subject.!!
My Guide for sycnchronisms tells me that whenever something equals something else, there is a Hidden Spiritual Meaning there!
which, in this case, would be....what ELSE he wrote about!
on the last page he lamented about his sick cat, a cat that has an incurible disease and WILL die in a matter of months! it was thin and starving, now, as it cannot digest any food. death is soon, very very soon!!

*MY* death: He is Giving To me The News!!! there is 108 days between the two dates: the postmark date and "today" when i got the letter! NOTE that the 14th of november is opposite the 13th of may when I had that Vision of the Master telling me of the "one year to live"!

we all help each other to get born and we all help each other to get ready to die.......

and the ice cream tasted of terrible plastic, i pitched it!