Friday, November 15, 2002

tallahaassee is a bit depressed today! seems that a policeman was shot, the papers say that he was a very very good man!
"God takes the very best", was quoted in the article in the Democrat newspaper.

reminds me of reading about that family who took years to get all their family to take their Dream Train trip, in france. On the way, on the train, that fire occurred and killed them all: their hometown was devastated!

I am reading that a lot these days....seems the very best old souls are dying in strange and weird accidents, as IF they Had a Date kept with God!!

I feel that they might!
*If* there are really severe eathchanges or war coming soon, why if even one supervolcano goes off....millions could die suddenly and unpre-pared, in their souls!
so *who* is gonna greet them in heaven when they arrive?
who is gonna be their healers and counselors, in the Temples of Healing and Adjustments, to heaven?!

...why the old souls who have to die before the war/disasters! they have to get ready, learn the ropes, learn how to counsel! Thus, i feel, that they have to come over long before everyone else. then when we all come, they will be there for us all!
would not *you* want such an old soul for an "angelic' counselor?!

why if even onlt 20% of the earth's population were to die in, say, 20 volcanoes going off at once, why that is about
12 BILLION souls!!
----these counselors will need all the help that they can get?! want to Volunteer?! You probably CAN, in prayer, now do so!

so these days a lot of souls will