Friday, November 01, 2002

so I am going to DIE in six months or so...!!

Still a bit abstract, this.
Tis hard for me to imagine what is not imaginable, except for my dreams that tell me what i will
see later!

*IS* that Vision Believeable, anyway?
after all...I have had many dreams of Dying and they always mean "some transformational
change where a part of me will die"!

[I could write 50 pages about my mother and HER vision, and all of that, where she was given
ten years, in HER vision, from the same Source as my Vision!! I was Told..."In ONE year you,
freestone, will begin your Spirit life"!]

*THIS* vision, i feel, is real. for real. I would not even dare pray to change it, if i could change
that death date as i would also have to utterly utterly know WHY
that I, or the Masters, set it up this way for me to die on that Time! Would i want to tinker
blindly, beliving the cultural "rant"...."a long life at all costs"?!!


I would also have to know why the time is set up the way it is, before changing it: there
probably is a *good* reason why it is so Timed!

Kinda puts the ole material world into proper perspective!
--the ads!
--the fears of failures.
--plans for my future
--health and diets.

of course i have to also assume that this Time *could* be altered by Spirit.
then again, not so!!

I note that the list of journals and weblogs are endless, all with comment lines where i can
comment. then there are the articles that i could write about "political rants"

I am on a golf course green with a pair of nail clippers snipping the grass with them, instead of
using a lawnmower! each "blade' is a comment that i could make, to the world. never ends. if i
DO get to the end of the green, on my hands and knees, that other side of this green where i
bagan snipping....the grass is ready to needs to be cut again!!

I, with my "northern yankee new york city-ish"
rants about "everything and anything", may have to keep my mouth shut, in Humility to
Knowing that there is no Use in doing this anymore!

what do i *DO* with my six-plus months?!

keep tuned!