Saturday, November 30, 2002

A quiet thanksgiving....

ya know, i grit my teeth a bit every major holiday! especially thanksgiving and christmass!

"The Single Person is found to be wanting"...that is the Judgement that
i see sits, out there, on single older people, in America, during the holidays!! the WORST thing that a single person with no relatives and no firends in town to do, during these Holidays, in my opinion, is to go out to eat the Dinner at the one
chain resturant that is open, and end up sitting with all the OTHER singles, and end up Bonding in misery and pain, with them all!!
go to the "Homeless city meal program" that usually is offered to the city homeless people!

everything has its price, and living alone has its great benefits, but the Price is being alone some times of the year!
I betcha there are people who would rather go to a dysfunctional family thanksging dinner reunion, where a fistfight may actually occur, if not the bad vibes, of Strain and hatred, during the meal....better to go to one of these...than to BE Alone!!

same with a relationship: far far better to be battered, than to be ignored, if one cannot be least one is Being Touched, during the batterings!

I like is *not* the same as....."Aloneness"!!