Wednesday, November 13, 2002


well i woke up this morning with yet another "visit to heaven" dream!
[please read the dream of a couple of days ago, further down the Journal, to read "dream number one"!]

well it *is* November 13th, exactly six months from my may 13th 2002 dreamVision where the India Master tells me, reading from my Life Records, and telling me...."In One year you will begin your Spirit life"! exactly half way to that "one year", now, on Nov 13th. Thus sometime between, say, may 1st and
the summmer or fall, of Heavenlife begins! [?] [!]!!

This morning's dream *seems* simple, on the surface: I merely walk about my home town, after dark! My sister Suanna is with me, i vaguely sense that, even if i do not really speak with her. probably i do, i cannot recall. I mumble to her about how I would leave my hometown to move to the South. At one point, in the dream, some girl runs out of a house to yell some incomprehensible gibberish at me.

---seems to be a psychological dream about me leaving my hometown to set off for where i now live: about once per month there are dreams like this!
there is a dark Tone to this dream: darkness in fact and in tone. i can see that the stars are out, a clear night, everyone but the "crazed' girl, are asleep.
Then my sister and i go to lie on the ground that is under an
interstate-type of overpass, a overpass that is more of like a long long tunnel: i can see the stars at each end. No such overpass exists in my town of 600 people!!
Suanna then says to me one line, then i wake up IMMEDIATELY! that means that this messege is a "payload" of the dream: the whole dream was created *just* for this messege to be given to me, the whole of the scenery was created just FOR this, and for me to wake up....would Insure that i remember what she tells me!

yes, shades of this dream of a couple of days ago where I floated through this overpass, to ascend slowly up to the heaven-plane of the "heaven of the arts" where my sister Suanna is a Manager of one of these temples. i sensed, as the loud car woke me up, that I was brought there *just* to have my sister tell me something: it FAILED, the communication-attempt, as the loud-car-won!

---that "overpass' is the clue!
this overpass, in last night's dream, is the SAME ONE, as in the other dream, the entrance to heaven; my hometown was just images brought up from my own subcounsciousness!
Yes, my sister had a messege for me and now, last night, she delivered it!!! She came down to that heaven-entrance, instead of having me Laboriously brought up to her level: to too much risk of having yet another "something" wake me up! probably took her a bit of effort for to do this, but there would be no chance of an earthly inturruption!
She merely told me...

"When your work for Jesus Christ is finished, you leave!" ["immediately"---was the feelingTone
for this statement. *exactly* at the finish of it!]

[my sister's Jesus is certainly *NOT* the jesus-perception of the first baptist church! i had a vision in 1991 where i saw her in a class of heaven-students, in Purgatory. this class had just Graduated from that level and they all were going up to a higher heaven. i saw Jesus take this class upwards!! 11 years.
so Suanna has been "with" Jesus for 10 X 11 years......110+ years there!]

---that was her messege. A simple, but profound, messege! Since I have been shown, in many many dreams...."that there is nothing more
to do, in your Spiritual Misisions, freestone"......Suanna's Messege to me is *NOT*
a mere abstraction....of a future far far off date of leaving the earth plane!!

[ some day, probably between March to August, of 2003, after I die, my Aunt or friend will go through my
dream diaryjournal, in my trailer, and find the URLs for the on-line journals, with the Passwords.
then *this* journal will have an entry like....."I am SO sorry, Mr Wilson has passed away, and I enter this into the journal to announce it to you all"!!
----so, between now and then, i will try to write nearly every day or three....something!
oughta be Interesting: stay Tuned!!