Wednesday, November 20, 2002


dead birds!
lots of dead birds!

I read that 8,000 to 15,000 dead birds were found on the shores of lake Eire, recently: they were poisoned by the bacteria from the algea
that is now in the lake, algea that now exists because of the Zebra-mussuals and "Goby" fish, that cleaned the water so.....yet more alien species that decimated!
i guess we all are becoming "one world" in species as
people spread things around.

I fear that soon, this will apply to our CULTURE too!
go to Bombay or Tokyo, step off the plane into the airport and find the very same Corporate resturants, the shops, the stores....then go to the same hotel chain. How can one tell that one is in India or japan?!
yes, beat the bushes to get to some remote village in Peru, only to find a Franchise selling Hamburgers and fries!

In a year, i will not be here to see that:
I wonder if there will be a Macdonalds in heaven?!

I bet there WILL be!!
I would *want* it so....
not for any "addiction' to their would be such that
i would want it there for the Newcomers [capital "N"]!
the Newcomers, who are not really prepared for death yet, who just arrive into heaven and find a new world and access to 100,000 worlds, they need something that Is Known and Familiar, some Anchor of macdonalds is often the
giver of coffee and food, in disasters!