Monday, November 25, 2002


well this cold tallahassee morning, on the walk over to Campus, i was reminded of something years ands years ago, a something that struck me as being Interesting!
On some trip from Upstate NY to Florida, i stopped into some nameless Hometown diner/cafe, and I sat down and prepared to order Lunch, from the menu. Yes my favorite kind of menu...the "daily special" is handwritten in, on a sheet of lined paper.
There was a older man, about 60, sitting near the front, and he was there first; the waitress took his order first. I was surprised at how
"SELF-EFFACING" he was! He seemed to apologize just for taking up space, for even being Counscious!! Hem and haw...
laugh nerviously...embarresed just to BE!!
Watress then came over to me and then took my order; then she turned to go to the kitchen....

she comes out with my food, a complicated order, but she did not yet bring a thing to this old man, even though he ordered first: this surprised me. Then, folks, this waitress did even a yet more Interesting thing....
She went over to that man and she whipped out her order book and began to take his order!! As if she had not done that before!
She had completely forgotton that he was there, completely forgotton that she had previously taken his order and she even forgot to turn it into the kitchen!!

yes, this man Succeded in his Magick! he was "not there", so self-effacing that he caused this lady to completely forget him!

One is *not*, i see, a "detacted observer" in life, with other people around one! One's "gravity well" colors all of the reality around and about! whether an "Inituate" or not!