Tuesday, November 26, 2002

----letter to blogger support!


hi all!

This is the same issue that i reported yesterday.

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1951 11-25 08:46 AM unable to save template changes in Mozilla!

I have more info on this.

I have several weblogs...
one of them is

the university library NOW uses Mozilla as their browser. been so, now,
for about a week or so.

my templates for all my weblogs are now unusable!!

I can access the template info, OK, but the screen stops just
at the bottom of the page of HTML
codes, there is no longer a "save changes' button to be found
thus i cannot save any changes that i make to any weblog.

more info...
i found this yesterday.
looks like you all made some code changes to cause this as
this template change worked
well with mozilla a few days ago, and, yes, the html coding looks
like you all changed it.

It is NOT a template problem, actually! it is a problem with the rest
of the page below that template, where the rest of the page is not coded
to come up: thus no "save changes" button!

It works well with Explorer, i checked the other library,
so it is a Mozilla issue. i also checked with
the Lab to see if the problem was due to them, not you....they
told me it was "you all"!

so i have to use another computer, or else not use my templates!
thus no more links can ba added or changes made to my sites unless
i use other systems besides Mozilla!