Wednesday, November 06, 2002

the lady at the bus stop!

this 7 am morning, the sky was dark and cold, a drizzle fell coldly. Usually i am alone at the bus stop, way way out at the edge of town.
this morning, though, there was a lady there. she had about four plastic bags full of stuff, clutched in her hands. i found out that she originally came from boston....1200 miles away. my psychic antenna
told me that she had a history of mental institutions and a dis-combobolated life. she tells me that she follows the lord. a lost looking lady in her maybe-40s. a lady that *looks* like a week of cloud at 38 degrees fareniheit...a drizzle afalling.
I was afraid to even ask of what her life was like: IS like, now!
some of these ladies, if touched, I would Have Her for a year and NO WAY to be able to have her self-uplift her spirits!
----reminds me of that talk i had yesterday with my friend at the coffee shop: we talked about one of his friends who "did the do"!!
that is...he had a one night stand, produced a kid, who turns out to be a kid-from-hell, now 16, and the couple, divorced, now fight like cats and dogs...with many MANY lawyers in attendance!
seems many many people are far far far more closely in relationships in HATRED than in love!
they get married, spend several months togther, then they cannot stand each other. can they separate and Go On...NO! especially if there are kids...each uses the Cruise missle of "lawyers" to salvo each other.
every bit of both lives are uterly utterly CONSUMED by this, of course. he.she can talk to no one about nothing else but The Relationship and how the Bastard did so--and--so to me! they cannot let go: thus they are now actually more "loving" in their hatred than they were when they loved! closer together...two
parachutists falling together, clutching each other, the chutes failing to open and 20,000 feet to go till ground! Morge-ing his friend tells me, that this guy is doing. gotta pay the lawyers somehow!
---and the kid....??
living with him now, a drug counselor's nightmare!

so now every bit of his brain-cell hard drive is filled with Thoughts of Her and his hatred of-to her!
and likewise her to him! each WILL win....each cannot lose...

thus they have a much closer relationship than most happily married couples!

not only sowing dragon's teeth, but broadcasting them from the air, like they plant rice seeds!
---our next generation!

ya know...the word that i dislike to hear the most, a word that just REEKS of "gritting of teeth" and
"clinched fists" the phrase