Thursday, November 14, 2002

the homeless guy was in the cafe this am.

At 8 am the temp was maybe 45. The owner, having two cafes, is not often in and when he was last week, he chased angerly this homeless guy out! Then he told me that he, last week, felt sorry for this man and gave to him a cup of coffee, when he came in for his first time. he told me "that was a big mistake: i gave some food to a lost kitten and now he is mine for life", he told me!

I tried to talk to this guy, both yesterday and today. failed. i got a vibe from him..."just another whitey that will tell me the muck what to do with my life"! I felt uneasy.

Interesting, i thought about him all day! i know nothing of his past, but somehow i sensed that he was a Young soul that might be here for one of his first incarnations as a human being! He has already lived as a soul-less spirit, in the spirit worlds. i had the feeling that in these spirit worlds of "pre-human entities" that everything is a "given"! that is Provided for by the Plenem, the spiritual equivalent of a plant that Recieves from the sun, water, and soil, all that is needed.

NOW, he must provide for his own, and he cannot, as he feels that it *IS up to everyone else to provide him with *everything*!


if so, i also predicted what his future incarnations could be like!

very very RAGE-FILLED! why?!! because he will enter again, as a human, with all his Ideals crushed and he will rage at all those people who Did Not Provide for everything in his life! filled with hate and rage, at all humanity for not providing for him. probably join a terrorist group!

this "horrified" me yet further, sports fans who read this...

as one could indeed, now, take him under their wings. the cafe-owner could take him home with him and make him part of his family, a 40 year old "man-child"! provide for all....


that is what it would be! his lessons of Learning would only be postponed, if he lived now like he did in spiritlives past! it could be *very* sufferingly hard on him, to Learn...but to give to him much, is to give crack to a recovering addict! he wants it, NEEDS this crack, wontya feel sorry for him and give to him a pinch of Powder?!

This man sleeps downtown, in a winter clothes, no blanket! soon the temp will fall to 30....25...20! the cafe owner may "give" to this guy Pnumonia or even DEATH, by not enabling!!

but if "enabling" he has to do, why this homeless probably *should*come live with him at his home and this cafe owner should spend 8 hours a days for three years, on this guy even though the cafes fall apart because he is not there to manage them!

I, MYSELF, must be a "bastard", i cannot let him live with ME! take every bit of my time till i die! there would be the two of us, together, closer than any Relationship !! "togetherness" all day long for 12+ hours a MAYBE get a trellis into his inner soul, for his "vine" to climb up upon.


ten future lives of being a terrorist who kills kills kills kills, seething with rage at, uncounsciously, all of the humanity who did not give to him all of everything, like what was done for 10,000 spirit-plane years!!

so i leave this one for you all to COMMENT upon....

please do that....

maybe, as i get to know him, i will learn a bit of his life-story!