Friday, November 08, 2002

Friday, November 08, 2002


yesterday, I met my Math Match! The math That Eats me!! I bow in humility, over what i

first, the stats.
---father died at 73 years.
---mother at 68
--sister at 42

my mother had that Vision where she was shown that she would die ten years away and that
her husband would die at 72. Spirit gave to him that one year EXTENSION as my father had a
Spirit conversion experience and forgave me so that we two could meet and had a wonderfull
reuinion and he died on Christmas day at 73 years, the one year extension.

---I was pondering the meanings of the periods of time between their death dates, these three
family members, and my birthday...or my "anounciation date" where on may 13th 2002, i,
myself, was shown that I had but one more year to live!

my sister died on march 17th at 42 years. my birthday is june 28th. there are 103 days between
those two dates.
42 + 61 = 103
I am 61 years old, and will be 61 years old until june 27th of 2003!

if Prophecy is true, i will die at 61 years of age
61 plus the space between sisters death date and my birth.

i did the same study for my mother and my father.
between xmas and the may 13th 140 days, taking into account that there is one
day for leap year, on the average.
i get
72 + 68 = 140
140 days between xmas and may 13. but father died at 73! yes he did, but my mother's vision
was for him to die at 72: spirit gave him one more year.

read: encoded in his death date and my may 13th vision!!

*that*, i find, is why "may 13th" and not, say, "may 12th" or may 5th"!...was the number used!

encoded in the very numbers...

and ya know, Do i *want* to ask spirit to live longer?!


just now, as i was writing this article, i had to quit and move to another area of the library as
the lady sat near me with her pufume SO so so strong that my disabled lungs reacted!
no clubs
no movies.
no churches
i have to move to another table in about 2 out of 10 meals that i eat, and move on the bus to
another seat...often!

i read that perfuming is more and more becoming the thing! men too!
I feel that i have much fewer public accesibilities than a wheelchair person does!

I *really* do not want to live the rest of my life in a cabin on the texas plains, alone and away
from all of perfumed, chumical-fumed, humanity!! my Condition worsens as i get older, like of
the rest of my family....
NO THANK YOU....for an extension beyond that one year!!